[REBLOG] Fire Emblem PR Analysis – What is Fire Emblem? (Part 1)

Reblogging this nice article for today’s post as it gives a nice overlook of the series, as well as some personal insight from the writer. Please check the “view original post” at the bottom to head on over to the blog to read the full article!

Rachid's notes.

Back in February, I wrote a set of articles around Pokémon, this time I’ll write a 4 parts series focusing on a game series I like and find interesting: Fire Emblem.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Part I: What is Fire Emblem?
  • Part II: Differences between PR campaigns
  • Part III: Fire Emblem Fates/Echoes/Warriors/Heroes PR Numbers
  • Part IV: Conclusion

Important, please read:

  • I don’t pretend to know-it-all
  • For the whole analysis, I focused on the media relations part only, not influencers/bloggers/brand content/media buying/social networks etc. (Side note, if you are interested in PR, I’d suggest reading this: Read more about PESO Model here). 
  • I don’t have access to Nintendo/Intelligent Systems  “insider” information, meaning that most of my analysis is based on
    • What can be found on the Internet
    • Some PR Tools that I use
    • My thoughts
  • I used Nintendo of America PR efforts as a basis
  • I use this kind of…

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