FE Echoes: SoV Localization: “Big Hurty Lightning & Roast Marshmallows?” [JPN vs ENG]

A curious reader sent me a question over on twitter regarding Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia:

Can you take a look at Mae and Boey’s recruitment dialogue in the Japanese version of Echoes? Specifically, “big, hurty lightning” and “roast marshmallows” strike me as lines that weren’t in the original.

I finally got access to the text of both versions of the game, so can now easily compare dialogue. A big thank you for giving the exact words, it made it much easier to find.

If you have any dialogue you want compared for this or any other Fire Emblem game, please feel free to tweet me or send an email!

Now let’s get to it. There are little to no spoilers as this takes place near the start of the game.

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