FE Radiant Dawn: Mia x Rhys Comic Translation (1) (by sa_ayahara)

Today I translated a very brief (3 page) fan comic featuring Mia and Rhys from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

This comic was originally drawn by artist @sa_ayahara who draws quite a lot of fan art involving the two.

So please keep in mind I did not draw these. I simply translated them. I asked for her direct permission to translate them, and she granted (and in fact encouraged) me to do so. She asks that her works not be reproduced elsewhere without her permission.

See her wonderful pixiv profile here. She does a lot of Tellius (FE9/10) art beyond just Mia and Rhys, too!

If you have any brief fan comic/picture requests, or are feeling kind enough to donate, please use the “DONATE” button on the top right of this page!

The original comic in its original language can be found on this tweet of her’s.

Below is my translated version. Please do not reproduce it elsewhere.


14 thoughts on “FE Radiant Dawn: Mia x Rhys Comic Translation (1) (by sa_ayahara)

  1. I’ve never actually heard of this ship, but I will use it someday 🙂
    My personal favorite is Shinon x Titania. I think that it’s really overlooked and not a lot of people seem to notice it.

  2. I love this ship so goddamn much now! Why did it take me so long to discover it?! Also, damn you Tellius for not giving us enough ship tease! Finally, Astrid and Makalov shouldn’t have had an ending!

      • When I said now, I meant that I have come to love it in the last year or so, but still, there’s really not enough fan works/art for these two.

        • Oh I see, this artist makes quite a few, but yes as a whole there isn’t much on them, or the game as a whole, I’d say, aside from Ike due to his Smash Bros. fame.

              • You think that’s the case? It’s true that sales of the Tellius games were at rock bottom in Japan, but was it because they didn’t like them, or some other reason? I don’t know, tbh.

                • Not liking the game is usually not indicative of the sales. After all, you see plenty of people who “dislike” Awakening, but it sold quite well. The opposite applies, there are those that “love” Tellius, but it did not sell well. Here in Japan, handhelds are king when it comes to gaming preference, so that alone I think makes a difference in sales.

                  However, that does not discount that they may have disliked it or liked it regardless of sales, of course. But I’m leaning more toward it just never got its sales up and had relatively little exposure compared to the other handheld games on GBA/DS/3DS : )

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