Pokemon: Sun/Moon “My Body is Ready!” [JPN vs ENG]

Not my screenshot. Source.

This post is part of a series on reader requested (and personal curiosity) comparisons between various games’ Japanese and English versions. Last time, I looked into a line from Pokemon X/Y, which today’s post is related to, so please read it!

Today’s post comes after a user on twitter reminded me:

“Kukui also makes a “my body is ready” joke in Sun Moon. I wonder if that’s close to the Japanese translation as well.”

I remember seeing this! So let’s take a look:

“My body is ready!”

The following takes place when you first visit Kukui’s lab in Pokemon: Sun and Moon.

Japanese Literal Translation Official Localization
いいぞ!イワンコもっとだ!もっと思いっきりくるんだ!!ぼくの体はヤワじゃないぜ! All right! Let’s do this, Rockruff! Come at me with all you got! My body ain’t that weak! Oh yeah, Rockruff! Let’s go! Give it everything you’ve got! My body is ready. Woo!

I should point out that by “weak,” he specifically meant “soft” or “flimsy.” It contrasts Rockruff’s rock hard body and type, so is somewhat fitting that way. He’s basically assuring Rockruff to give him all its got as he can take it by being on equal footing (impressive when you consider he is a human against a Pokemon).

So while the “body is ready” meme still works somewhat here, it does take away that smallest nuance in that sense, compared to last time where it worked rather well given that it expressed the original meaning more or less!

It is thankfully not too jarring, again, and rather innocuous to one who may be unfamiliar with it. It still conveys that Kukui is a bit of a maverick with putting himself in the way of danger like that, and so is a minimal change of just one line of dialogue that expresses the same overall meaning. But I do stress the importance of nuance!

Summary infographic:

I will continue to look at fun differences between the versions of sorts of games when I get time!  This reader actually had a few other things to look into (an entire list, actually), so expect to see some more from the 3DS Pokemon games in the future.

Any dialogue you’re interested in? Feel free to send in comments or via email!


2 thoughts on “Pokemon: Sun/Moon “My Body is Ready!” [JPN vs ENG]

  1. I was just going through your comparison posts, and noticed Fire Emblem Awakening also uses this line. Frederick tells the Avatar “My body is ready!” during their A support with the bear meat. XD Now I wonder what that was in Japanese…

    Also kind of curious about Inigo and Gerome’s Harvest Scramble dialogues (specifically the one with the manhandling).

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