Mayu Watanabe’s Final Graduation Performance Tweet + Translation

For AKB48 fans, it’s the end of an era as one of their most renowned idols is finally leaving the group. I make this post simply because I actually got to witness her final appearance as I just happened to be in Akihabara on the evening of December 26th! We stood out in the cold for more than two hours to see her… no pictures were allowed though (but that didn’t stop many of the diehards or me from making sure we got proof…). It was hard to hear what she was saying over all the fans though!

That aside, she made a tweet about it that I thought may be nice to translate as there are some AKB fans who follow me, so here you go, for all the Mayu fans:

“The Graduation Performance at the AKB48 Theater. I’m really thankful for everything. I have experienced many different kinds of things through my 11 years [as a member], but throughout all that, this stage where it all began has remained the most important thing above all else. I hope the AKB48 Theater continues to be loved by many people. I have four days remaining as an official AKB48 member. I will enjoy myself to the very end!”

I don’t know much about AKB, but it was hard not to know her! So certainly a big thing regardless.