Happy New Year! -2018-

Happy New Year!

Let’s welcome 2018. This post is a little late and is actually being written on January 9th as I was pretty busy around the New Year. I finally caught up on several weeks of missed posts, and hope to remain consistent once again from now on with weekend uploads.

Looking back at 2017, this site moved from the daily post to the weekend one due to finding full time work. I have a lot of material (such as 4komas) that I have gathered since then which may see me resume a daily schedule, but there are some changes that may be happening soon (looking for new work more relevant to my field) which may delay that slightly.

I’m very thankful that there are people who find the comparisons on this site worth reading, though, and others who like the comics and such that are posted here and there!

As always, please send any requests of things to look into when it comes to Japanese versus English. It brings me great joy to go on adventures with readers in search of trivia.

Let’s see how things look as this site reaches its fourth anniversary in April!



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