FE Heroes: “A Day in the Life of the Heroes” (Page 12) Translation

A translation of Page 11 of the official Fire Emblem Heroes comic. See all the chapters thus far on the compilation post here!


Page 12 (2/06) “Goals”


  • The SFX I put in there are meant to sound like the little tune you hear when summoning. Try it! The original Japanese (tererete) is how it’s usually written, but a foreign audience would likely read “te” and “re” as “tee” and “ree” instead of “tay” and “ray.”
  • The final line is slightly changed here. Considering the location in the panel (and Sharena’s determined expression), the original may have been Sharena’s own thoughts on the matter, saying something akin to, “Well, there’s no need to change these thousand friends I have.” But the positioning also made it possible for Anna there to deliver the final punchline with an oblivious Sharena standing among her fellow Wrys. I opted for the ladder here, but will explain why it may differ between translations. : )


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