FE Heroes: “A Day in the Life of the Heroes” (Page 12) Translation

A translation of Page 11 of the official Fire Emblem Heroes comic. See all the chapters thus far on the compilation post here!


Page 12 (2/06) “Goals”


  • The SFX I put in there are meant to sound like the little tune you hear when summoning. Try it! The original Japanese (tererete) is how it’s usually written, but a foreign audience would likely read “te” and “re” as “tee” and “ree” instead of “tay” and “ray.”
  • The final line is slightly changed here. Considering the location in the panel (and Sharena’s determined expression), the original may have been Sharena’s own thoughts on the matter, saying something akin to, “Well, there’s no need to change these thousand friends I have.” But the positioning also made it possible for Anna there to deliver the final punchline with an oblivious Sharena standing among her fellow Wrys. I opted for the ladder here, but will explain why it may differ between translations. : )


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7 thoughts on “FE Heroes: “A Day in the Life of the Heroes” (Page 12) Translation

  1. I know I have given you a lot of requests already but I have a few more :<
    First… I thought that in Donnel and Olivia's supports, the ballad they sing was about Naesala and Leanne in the Japanese version, implied by it being about a heron and a raven, as opposed to swans in the English version… but when I went back and read the supports, I realized that the song's story actually didn't match up to what happened to them. So now I'm wondering if that was true at all.
    Also… in The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker, there is an item called, like, the "Complimentary Card" or "Complimentary ID" or something like that. Complimentary (which I think is the right word here, since it's… something being given for free?? I think) items are a well-known thing, but as it turns out, by "Complimentary", Beedle means that the use of the card… is to get compliments. So, for years now I have wondered how this joke works in Japanese, and I have finally found another translator I can ask. :3

    • I heard about the swan and raven thing too, so may be worth looking into. I’m very curious about the Complimentary card too! Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll add them to the to do list.

  2. Hello! I am a new youtuber that loves acting and editing, and I started a fandub series of this FEH comic series with a group of talented actors, and I usually use your translations of the comics because in my opinion they are the best that I have found. (Ps: I credit you as well and put a link to your blog here)

    I wanted to ask about the last panel. Who is suppose to be speaking there? Is it Sharena or Anna? I didnt understand from the description you wrote. Any help clarifying is greatly appreciated!

    Also if you want to see how the fandub series is coming along, here is a link to my channel. We have 7 of the comics dubbed so far!

    • It really means a lot to me that you use my translations among the other ones that are out there. It’s also great you do such things, that must be difficult. Thank you for your hard work. : ) It’s an honor!

      I clarified my explanation a bit, but it basically works better if Anna says the final line I’d say. : )

      Ahanks for the link! Are you planning to do 8-11 as well? Keep up the good work. Let me know if you ever need more clarification again. I’m happy to help when possible.

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