FE: Shadows of Valentia Comic Anthology 4Koma Page 107 Translation

The latest of my daily scan/clean/translation of the 4komas (four panel comics) featured in the Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Comic Anthology.

This is an individual post for Page 107.

The compilation post that features all pages thus far is here!

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Clair uses an idiom that I couldn’t really find an equivalent English phrase for. She says, “上ばかり見てはキリがありませんわよ”

The full phrase being something more like: “「上も見ても下を見てもきりがない」” (Ue mo mitemo, shita o mitemo kiri ga nai)

Which literally translates to “Whether you look up or down, there’s no end” (in a cyclical sense but also infinite sense. “No clarity” can be said too).

Upon looking into it, a Japanese user wrote out a more detailed meaning:


“Whether one is rich or poor, well off or not, high or low in social status, great or poor at school, it doesn’t matter. There is no point to comparing those “high” or “low.” All that really matters is one’s own frame of mind [and what one] finds important.”

And so if you ever see that phrase pop up, now you know what it means!

Anyway so in this case she is telling Delthea to not worry about comparisons and instead focus on what she personally thinks is important. A misunderstanding may arise from the fact Clair only said the first part of the quote (“looking up”) and hence Delthea takes it to mean “find someone your brother is better than.”

Once again it shows how much consideration must be taken into the smallest of things in these translations!


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