FE Heroes: “A Day in the Life of the Heroes” (Page 16) Translation

A translation of Page 16 of the official Fire Emblem Heroes comic. See all the chapters thus far on the compilation post here!


Page 16 (3/06) “The Envious Half”


  • Please see last week’s comic involving the “other half” joke first if this one doesn’t make much sense.
  • As the original comic played to the same wording, I tried to keep the innuendo consistent between the comics. While in this particular case Sharena may have been simply referring to the lower half (aka “butt end” or inferior half), to play to the last comic, I added the “bending” reference to add to how things may have been taken the wrong way. If you see a more literal translation, the joke may not come off as well (as indeed the last comic delved into what half Alfonse would be part of, and the punchline here is simply that Sharena automatically assumes the lower half. But this isolates it from the previous punchline that also involved the suggestive meanings of such).
  • The talk between Alfonse and Kiran was likely just referring to a battle and how much synergy they have with each other, referring to Robin’s quote in the previous comic too –so it makes sense that she being unaware of the context would lead to such a reaction too. As such, I had to write the dialogue in a way where it could’ve been taken the wrong way. I hope that came across well enough. Literally, it would read “Way to go, other half!” and “Hahaha you too, other half!” But you can see how that just reads rather awkwardly in the end.

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