Donation Drive for Valentia Accordion (Shadows of Valentia Art/Design Book)

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Raised so far: $ 77/ 50

Update: Wow! That was fast. The goal is already met. Thank you to all who donated! The project page should be up tomorrow! Please note there is no longer any need to donate. Any donations now are purely just general donations rather than toward this work.

Original Post:

Today I’m starting a donation drive for my Valentia Accordion project. The project this time is to mainly scan artworks and translate relevant portions of interest (such as concept art or new information).

The book is an art/design book for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia that will feature Hidari’s official character art, profiles, and design work never before seen, among other things. A lot of Fire Emblem fans (myself included) are looking forward to seeing what we can find, and especially getting access to higher resolution art!

A skeleton of the contents are as follows:

  • 1 Visual Gallery – Character art gallery by Hidari. I plan to scan all of these for sure as it will likely contain the unseen official artworks too!
  • 2 World & Story – Story Summary. Likely will go untranslated, though some things such as timelines and other lore building things will probably be looked at by VincentASM.
  • 3 Character Archive – Ingame portraits & intros to characters. This will likely not provide any new information to the characters, so will be low priority.
  • 4 Concept Art – 150+ concept art from Hidari & IS staff. This is the main section I am interested in translating of course!
  • 5 Extra – Animation gallery, support archive, etc. There are sometimes fun things to be found in here so will also be of priority for me.

One thing to note. Unlike last time for my Tellius Recollection project, I am not sure if I will be translating every single profile this time. However, I will still be translating relevant portions of the text and concept art with fellow translators who want to take a shot at helping out. Images will be the priority this time, such as character artworks.

Please help spread the word!

Read the details below, or skip to the TL:DR in the next section to see the summary. Or, go straight to donating!

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