FE SoV: Valentia Accordion Page 119: Rinea Profile Translation

This post is part of the Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia Memorial Book: Valentia Accordion project.

Please note these posts may contain spoilers for those who have not completed the game.

Today’s profile was translated by VincentASM of serenesforest.net! Thanks!

You can find every scan/translation done on this book so far on the compilation post.


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Text format:

CV: Hibiku Yamamura

A noblewoman from the Rigelian Empire. Has a gentle and modest personality. Her father belonged to a prestigious and well-known family within Rigel, but he fell from grace after losing a power struggle. Her beauty is renowned throughout the Empire, and she became Berkut’s fiancée after the two had a romantic encounter. She is the only one capable of touching Berkut’s heart, and she loves Berkut dearly.

Though Berkut strives to become Rigel’s next Emperor and for Rinea to become his Empress, Rinea cares not for glory and would remain by Berkut’s side no matter what may come. This clash of ideals wounded Berkut’s self-esteem at the worst possible time, causing him to sacrifice her to Duma. Afterwards, her spirit reunited with Berkut’s, and she guided him towards a peaceful afterlife.

Rinea (Witch)

Class: Witch

Rinea’s witch form, after she was offered as a live sacrifice at the Altar of Duma. Although her entire body is engulfed in flames, parts of her original identity remain, such as her unique hairstyle.

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    • I was made aware of it just a little while ago by a reader on twitter. It makes me really happy to know people beyond the small circle of fans and friends on twitter even care about it. : ) Thanks for the heads up anyway! Usually, wordpress informs me when a site links here, but for whatever reason, didn’t actually tell me about this.

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