FE SoV: Valentia Accordion Page 100: Boey and Mae Profile Translations

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia Memorial Book: Valentia Accordion project.

Please note these posts may contain spoilers for those who have not completed the game.

Today’s post features Boey and Mae. Their profiles were translated by @odonasty on twitter! A big thank you to them.

You can find every scan/translation I’ve done on this book so far on the compilation post.


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Text format:


CV: Takuma Sasaki
Starting class: Mage
Loves: Plain, Refined, Tasty
Likes: Sweet, Bitter, Rough
Neutral: Rich, Meaty
Dislikes: Yucky

A young man working at the Priory on Novis Island. Together with Mae, he serves Celica, and accompanies her on her journey to the Temple of Mila. Due to being raised in a poor household, he has a serious, hardworking personality, and he often holds a more objective stance on things than the mission-oriented Celica or the plain-spoken Mae. In spite of this, he’s rather afraid of demons and specters, which Mae teases him about. The two of them share an amiable and carefree relationship, though there being more serious moments between the two, too. Love blossomed between the two of them during their travels, and afterwards, they were wed, raising a family with plenty of children.


CV: Eri Inagawa
Starting class: Mage
Loves: Sweet, Refined, Tasty
Likes: Plain, Meaty
Neutral: N/A
Dislikes: Rich, Bitter, Rough, Yucky

A young woman living in the Priory on Novis Island. She excels at magic, and accompanies Celica on her journey together with Boey. Although she serves Celica, they also share a friendly relationship; when Celica’s mood darkens with thoughts of her duty and circumstances, Mae takes the role of brightening it with her ever-cheery and positive attitude. However, she often speaks whatever is on her mind, and thus quarrels between her and Boey are an everyday occurrence in Celica’s group. Mae has had an interest in Boey since they lived in the Priory, and during her travels, she can be seen frequently consulting Celica for advice.


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