Mia, Edward, Oekaki, Birthdays (not a translation/trivia post)

Today is just a brief post that isn’t really a translation/comparison/trivia post, so please feel free to ignore it. It’s a rare actual-blog/picture sharing post.

It’s a special friend’s birthday today! She reminds me of the Mia sort and often associates with her. At the same time, to celebrate my most recent Radiant Dawn clearing (and Mia being in first place as a result), today is a random post about Mia.

First I drew this oekaki style picture a few days ago, but wanted t post it here on the 28th to celebrate:

I remember back when Radiant Dawn first came out, there were mutterings and recommendations of using Edward over her. I would usually go with Mia since I wanted to stick with those I used in Path of Radiance (and the import data).

But on the most recent run just for fun I went with training both of them to bring on the final level with me.

At one point their levels/experience overlapped exactly, so I decided to take a picture just for fun:

A quick glance will show Edward indeed overall is probably doing better. But when I keep in mind how much more trouble it was to train him in comparison to her (the Dawn Brigade chapters, having to grind him against some people, etc), I think I’ll stick with training Mia and use Edward’s experience elsewhere! (Not to mention Mia’s natural Vantage I prefer over Edward’s natural Wrath, skill wise).

By the time Mia reached 20 she had maxed out the rest of her stats that matter, too. Edward’s Caladbolg definitely helps make up for that luck!

Well that’s it for this break of a post. Happy Birthday to you, Mia-sort!


5 thoughts on “Mia, Edward, Oekaki, Birthdays (not a translation/trivia post)

  1. Happy Birthday to your friend~
    Very nice! I’ve honestly never raised Edward. XD I typically just raise Mia and take her to the end.

    • Thanks! Yes, I usually don’t raise him so that’s why I went out of my way to train him this time. xD From the Dawn Brigade, I usually train Nolan and Leonardo.

      • I remember when I went out of my way to use Pelleas on my 2nd playthrough of the game to get a different ending for him. I trained him, but didn’t take him into Ashera’s tower as my final line up. I was so surprised when it still showed his death ending.

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