FE6/7: Complete Character Poll Results and Comment Translations (2004)

Over the past several weeks (and months), I took a look at an old character poll conducted around 2003-2004 for the Elibe games (FE7 Blazing Blade and FE6 Binding Blade) for Japanese players. The results for the top 30 characters of each game were published online with Japanese player comments. The rest of the results (and some more comments) were published in the Character Book. As such, the data presented here is consolidated between the two sources.

While this poll was of course known to fans for a long time, the Japanese comments were never translated in full (for good reason, there were quite a few). As such the objective of this post (and project) is to serve as a resource in both presenting the poll data all in one place as well as giving English-speaking fans some insight on what Japanese fans thought of these characters those years ago. It’s become one of my objective to help bring the fandoms together in some way, so this is a part of that.

Lastly, for the sake of comparison, I include data from the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends character poll conducted in 2017, just so one can see how 13 years (and a Western audience) made a difference to where the characters ranked. You can see how characters stacked from the Elibe games in a FE6/7 specific analysis I did before, too. The same data will be used throughout the post.

Altogether this was 49 pages of data on word that I translated on my free time during the last few weeks, so if you’re feeling generous consider donating to help support me continue to build an archive of Fire Emblem (and other) resources here on this blog! (I’ll do it anyway regardless of the donations, of course!)

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Onward to the content!


  • ## (Rank in poll) Character Name
  • ## Rank in FEH Poll for same game / ## Rank in FEH Poll overall)
  • % of overall vote – This is only shown for the top ten characters of each game, but means how much of the overall share went to these characters alone.
  • Approval Rating (M/F) – The percentage of votes given to said character split by male (M) and female (F) voters.
  • Average Age of Voter – The mean age of the voters who voted for this specific character. Also only shown for top ten characters of the game.

Blazing Blade (FE7)

Overall stats:

  • Average Age (of voters): 17.3
  • Gender Ratio: Male: 64.0% Female: 36.0%

#1 Nino

7% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M): 4/5 (72.5%)
Approval Rating (F): 2/5 (27.5%)
Average Age of Voter: 16.8


  • I felt bad after seeing her backstory and just had to use her.
  • She’s strong, she’s cute, and her support conversation with Jaffar… well it’s embarrassing to say but it’s just so nice that I can’t be impartial!
  • She’s brave, cute, and strong to boot ♩
  • At first she was really frail, but after a bit of training she became super strong. Plus, she just looks cool!
  • She’s brave and cute.
  • My party had nothing but worthless mages, but the moment she joined my party in the late game I raised her without a second thought, shouting, “It’s the second coming of Lilina! (from the previous title, Binding Blade).” And so Nino got my vote for #1!
  • Cute, kind, brave…she’s just the best in every way. V V Even though she appears late, be sure to train her!
  • My children urged me to play their copy of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. For the first time in a long time, I was completely drawn in by the story and strategies that I could enjoy even as an adult. I voted her as #1 as her support conversations were great.
  • Brave and strong-willed. I loved both her appearance and personality.
  • Her support conversation with Jaffar…ah, my heart!
  • Her positive attitude just drew me to her.
  • So pure, so kind! And, so intimate with Jaffar. I love it! She’s my favorite character in the entire series!
  • We’re the same age, and I love her courageous personality! She’s suffered a lot of misfortune up until now, so I think she deserves to be happy, too…
  • She’s cute. I feel the need to protect her considering her parents were murdered.
  • She’s just so pure and cute! ☆
  • She’s strong as a character, and I love her pure personality so much to the point it brings tears to my eyes…
  • Though I liked her whole story with Jaffar, she actually became my favorite character through always using her as an integral unit against my friends in the link arena. Nino is the best.
  • Her support conversation with Jaffar got me crushing on her. Haha
  • Her positive attitude! She faces even the saddest things with all her might!
  • I felt depressed after defeating Linus with her.
  • “I won’t resist. You can do it easily. But…please don’t hurt the prince. …For pity’s sake…”
  • Her cute look, admirable personality, and insane growth rates!
  • She’s one pure-hearted girl.
  • The final chapters [with her] made me cry.
  • Cheerful and cute haha
  • She’s just so strong and cute you know?
  • She’s pure and also cute.
  • The strongest of them all!!
  • She’s really brave. I wish for her happiness with Jaffar.
  • She’s my Noninoni. I love her.
  • At a Japanese Inn I visited once, there was a glass door that led to the hot springs. On that door, the word “入口(ENTRANCE)” was written using strips of Velcro. But, they just happened to be peeling off in a way where, from inside the hot spring itself, it looked like it read ニノ (NINO). (lol)*
  • She’s such a sweet mage.
  • She is a purity that is never defiled—the Pale Flower of Darkness.

*As you can see the above story relies on the Japanese characters, hence why they’re presented this way. 入口 read from the spring would look like 口入、and if indeed peeling the right way, would look like ニノ (sides of the “box” on the left fallen off, and one of the strokes for the right also missing).

#2 Eliwood

6% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M):  4/5 (64.5%)
Approval Rating (F): 2/5 (35.5%)
Average Age of Voter: 15.6


  • He just looks great preparing to use that sword of his!
  • A horseback lord! Yes!!
  • He’s strong and has a good personality. He’s unstoppable.
  • Simply how manly he is…
  • I like his critical [animation] after his class change.
  • He’s beautiful. He’s a gentleman. And, he’s an influential nobleman = rich (Wow!) He’s perfect, isn’t he?
  • He’s a protagonist who suffers various tragedies. It was nice to see a more troubled side.
  • Super kind and a pretty fighter!
  • His strong sense of justice is just lovely. V V
  • He’s so cool, but it was also nice when he shows a more vulnerable side to us now and then.
  • He’s a surprisingly suave* guy. lol
  • His battle animation after the class change is AWE-SOME.
  • I like Roy, so I like his dad too!
  • Cool, as expected. I also have a fetish for red hair. I do.
  • His sad face is just soooo heartrending…
  • He’s pretty serious, just the way I like them.
  • I can’t imagine him in 20 years…
  • His hair is red.
  • He’s both kind and strong.
  • He’s cool, yeah, but above all else, he’s great at buttering people up. Lol
  • His personality is just, sooo likeable~~☆
  • His critical [animation] while wielding Durandal is superb –as expected of a main character!
  • His sense of justice reflects in his dialogue –so cool!
  • He’s really good looking!
  • His seriousness makes him super cute.
  • His gallant moments. As Lords should be!
  • He sets out to save his family.
  • In the future he becomes a pretty handsome middle-aged man.
  • Because he’s the main character, of course! Also those good looks. haha

*”Player” would be somewhat more accurate to what the commenter meant, but not completely. Basically, someone who is good at “putting the moves on” someone.

#3 Hector

6% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M):  3/5 (55.8%)
Approval Rating (F): 3/5 (44.2%)
Average Age of Voter: 18.2


  • He’s too strong for this world.
  • Those moments when you see his more chivalrous side, and, the moment when he wields a certain powerful legendary axe.
  • Reliable both in the story and in-game battles. I’d say he’s the most reliable in the entire series, even. A prodigy with the axe.
  • Good growths and extraordinary great offensive capabilities due to his axe.
  • Manly.
  • Though he seems reckless, he is thoughtful at times too.
  • His hearty personality.
  • Thoughtful of his friends, his brother, and his vassals. Nothing more needs to be said.
  • After witnessing the man’s power, tank-like defense, and how his friends remain on his inner most thoughts, I totally fell in love with him!
  • It felt good to see a guy who cuts to the chase! It was wonderful to see an unrefined lord who was everything but proper♩
    He’s Lord Hector!! (Somehow) that reckless attitude of his is dreamy. As expected of Lady Lilina’s lord father! Commander of my shock corps! W
  • He’s the one who chose the fate that would eventually lead to his death as told by Durban.
  • I couldn’t have imagined he’d be like this at this age.
  • While he can be crude, he’s really kind and caring to his close friends. He isn’t like the influential noble of his position. I like characters like that. ♩
  • Reckless with a golden heart, yet manages to be a cool leader. I love that so much, I can’t take it. I just find it so charming!
  • Liked him from the moment I saw him. The truth is he ended up doing so much for me.
  • He has a straightforward personality, and was the strongest in my army.
  • He’s hearty and always thinking of his friends. So cool!
  • He’s rough but gentle and cares for his close friends!
  • He’s a young lord who defines “manliness.”
  • He’s handsome, and I like [armored] Knights. If I had friends like him, [my] life would become quite enriched.
  • Whenever he called out my name, I feel undeserving of the honor at my age!
  • I fell in love with his frank and open-hearted personality!
  • I love his hearty, honest, and vigorous character.
  • A brave man who wields his axe with just one hand on the front line.
  • He’s so vigorous!
  • He’s nothing like a [typical] Lord at all ☆
  • I love his face, personality, and everything!

#4 Raven

4% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M):  4/5 (64.2%)
Approval Rating (F): 2/5 (35.8%)
Average Age of Voter: 16.2


  • He’s blessed with great friends (or partners in support conversations, anyway).
  • That sharp glint in his eye is so attractive!
  • He’s beyond strong, his character is great, and he’s good looking!! That fulfills my three criteria!!
  • He’s strong, handsome, and has a bit of a dark side.
  • I like how he’s a loner warrior with a burning desire for revenge but cares for his little sister.
  • Raven’s shadowy past among other things like how he shows a kinder side to his younger sister and Lucius.
  • Straight to a fault, but not completely evil –right on the brink.
  • He became incredibly strong after training him. He was a character I could trust to leave out there and handle the enemy on his own.
  • I actually thought his slightly twisted personality was cute.
  • He seemed cold at first, but he showed a cuter side in his support conversations with Wil and Bartre… heh
  • The clothes he wears in battle were so dreamy. Hehe
  • He’s handsome and strong, of course! ☆
  • His frank attitude!
  • He cares a lot for his sister!
  • I love how behind his cold attitude lies a kindness toward allies.
  • He’s a mercenary!
  • I want to be this kind of man!

#5 Matthew

4% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M):  3/5 (49.7%)
Approval Rating (F): 3/5 (50.3%)
Average Age of Voter: 16.6


  • So cool, we never know what he’s thinking.
  • His self-restraint is hard as steel, and he’s a kind person as well.
  • I liked how he’s normally a rather frivolous person but gets serious when the time calls for it.
  • I was captivated by how deep down he’s a man of unwavering conviction, even if he carries himself as carefree and cheerful on the outside.
  • He was weak but I liked his style. He did seem like a shady underling with questionable methods, though…
  • I liked him from the start, but especially his appearance in Hector’s story! The combination of these two young men was the best!
  • I found his conversation with Guy very amusing!!!
  • I chose him because the scene where he loses Leila left a strong impression on me.
  • …There weren’t many other light brown-haired men available.
  • I guess since he looks unserious at a glance but actually has a great sense of morality and humanity.
  • He’s the best type of person in many different ways.
  • Say whatever you want but the truth is he’s the best man for the job.
  • I want him to be happy. (>_<)
  • He’s regularly cheerful despite being a spy in the shadows… I find characters that have “many faces” to be quite charming, so I loved him. ☆
  • He’s cool, and because my own nickname is also “Matthew.”*
  • After seeing that event with Leila, I liked him a lot, and want nothing but for him to be happy.
  • He was my #1 with the way he unleashed Lethality and OHKO’ed Nergal.
  • He’s a bit of a shady fellow…
  • Hishaircolorpersonalityandgrowthrates.
  • …Those sad eyes of his that match his hair in color in their lightness don’t really belong on a man.

*To better contextualize, it’s written as マシュー (mashuu) in Japanese, which helps one see how the nickname could have come from many Japanese names.

#6 Lyn

4% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M):  4/5 (78.5%)
Approval Rating (F): 2/5 (21.5%)
Average Age of Voter: 18.1


  • She’s the swordswoman of the plains! I’m madly in love with her magnificent blade movements. (lol)
  • Her vigor and dignity left a good impression on me.
  • I found her cute battle animation to also be cool.
  • She’s an elegant dancer with the blade, strong spirited, kind-hearted…
  • Her ponytail is lovely.
  • I think she’s unique due to being female main character and sword fighter which is different than what we’ve had up until now.
  • She’s beautiful and good-natured no matter what anyone says.
  • I chose Lyn for both her clothes and the fact she’s a female sword unit.
  • Her strong gaze sometimes shows a glint of weakness…….
  • The first female lord! I’ve been waiting a long time for this!
  • I found her innocence in matters of love very cute.
  • The animation when she unleashes a critical hit is so cool.
  • She was the female character who was mostly vividly depicted in this work. I remember feeling empathetic to how she could remain stout-hearted even when fate would deal her a bad hand. But above all else, honestly, because she’s cute. haha
  • I found it incredibly moving how she does not give into despair despite losing her family, and instead seeks to continue living and growing stronger.
  • Strong, fast, and her battle animation is cool.
  • Strong-minded yet kind. Cute, too.
  • She’d always dodge attacks.
  • She’s strong, she’s good looking, and has that ponytail.
  • She is dignified in how she carries herself, and I also like her Sacae tribe clothing.
  • It’s embarrassing to say, so I just like her.

#7 Lloyd

4% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M):  4/5 (70.3%)
Approval Rating (F): 2/5 (29.7%)
Average Age of Voter: 17.3


  • It was great how he stuck to his convictions, didn’t join the party, and died a noble death like a man. He’s a character I would’ve spared if I I had a choice!
  • He was cool and nonchalant, and showed he was truly a good person with how he thought of his little brother.
  • While it was unfortunate he didn’t become a playable ally, it’s also precisely because he didn’t become an ally that I think he ends up leaving you with such a deep impression.
  • He was an unforgettably caring older brother for Nino to the very end.
  • He was a good older brother with how he loved his little brother. His final words were cool.
  • He continues on the path he’s chosen even when he comes to understand who’s truly in the right –much like Camus and Eldigan from earlier in the series. So tragic, but so cool.
  • His sex appeal is #1!!
  • The clothes he wears in battle are so stylish! That beard of his, too. lol
  • His way of life is so cool. I so wish he and Linus could have become allies.
  • His pride as a Black Fang member really stuck out.
  • So strong. And that [battle] song was nice.
  • He was the first enemy character in a long time who left me with a good impression.
  • He was always cool and collected, and loved (?) his younger brother. I felt it was fitting for someone called the White Wolf who seeks justice. In the end, while his death and resolution was fleeting, he left the strongest impression on me out of anything else in Blazing Blade. So I wanted to give him my vote.
  • He too was a victim.
  • SO MANLY!!
  • That beard though!
  • He’s the White Wolf!
  • He’s a hot guy who looks like [David] Beckham.

#8 Lucius

4% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M):  2/5 (36.3%)
Approval Rating (F): 4/5 (63.7%)
Average Age of Voter: 17.4


  • While I like his clergy attire, it’s also because he’s especially pious, kind, and strong all in one that I like him.
  • He successfully fooled me.
  • That androgyny is so nice.
  • I loved both his appearance and personality. Hehe! I just wanted to protect him!
  • His warm feelings are so cute. hehe
  • I liked how strong he was –never would’ve thought he was from that appearance.
  • He’s just so darn beautiful! I think I want to be that pretty a man, too.
  • It’s so cute how he prays during a critical!
  • Above all else, it’s because he’s the prettiest character. ♩
  • I like his calm and gentle personality. I cried at his support conversations with Serra and Renault.
  • His sweet eyes are the best ☆
  • He’s kind regardless of who he’s talking to.
  • He just has this soothing aura about him, I can’t bear it!
  • That beautiful face and how he gets along with Raven! It’s as if they’re lovers.
  • I love how he’s so attractive, strong, and always caring for those around him like Raven.
  • He’s such a pretty “man”~ ☆
  • He’s so strong!! (Stronger than the mages even?)
  • I still believe Lucius is actually a woman.
  • As the strongest Priest there is, he becomes really reliable.

#9 Canas

4% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M):  3/5 (52.2%)
Approval Rating (F): 3/5 (47.8%)
Average Age of Voter: 17.4


  • If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been able to complete the game.
  • He reminds me of some of my family members. He treats people his own way, not really raising his head [out of his books] for anyone.
  • My lovely Mr. Monocle!
  • His personality is calm and gentle, yet (toward the enemy) he unleashes such vicious dark spells. I like it.
  • I’m a bookworm too when it comes to old books, so I felt an affinity toward him. His epilogue made me cry.
  • It definitely had nothing to do with his lovable absent-mindedness. I burst out laughing at the “…… Are you…going to…eat it?“ line in his and Bartre’s A support conversation
  • I couldn’t imagine that he’d be so strong from his gentle personality! I also love his absent-mindedness. Hehe.
  • He looked lame with that smile of his at first but turned out to be the strongest magic user. I love that gap in expectation.
  • His conversation with Bartre was amusing.
  • He cherishes his wife.
  • Like a gentle older brother! I want this kind of guy in my family –even though he’d probably be out journeying all the time and never at home. (lol)
  • He’s my daddy.
  • Wise and thinks about his wife a lot. He’s the kindest of all the male characters!
  • It was his power with Luna and support with Vaida that made me fall in love with him.
  • That monocle is the best!
  • He’s the only Shaman you get in the story.
  • Despite all his wisdom, he has cuter moments too.
  • He has a warm and friendly air to him.
  • That monocle is supreme!

#10 Rebecca

4% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M): 4/5 (77.9%)
Approval Rating (F): 2/5 (22.1%)
Average Age of Voter: 18.5


  • Her wholesome smile is the best. ♩
  • The reason is… because I fell in love with her instantly after seeing the Raven x Rebecca conversation.
  • She just has this air about her! That bandanna is so cute!
  • Just too cute. And her support conversations are the best. Haha
  • Sooooo cute~! She takes the roll of a big sister sort to Nino. ◍
  • Her smile really suits her well!!
  • A girl who excels at cooking for herself and others. ♩ Clearly the ideal kind of girl!
  • Her avoidance.
  • She’s a relaxed and simple girl who is really cute. Also becomes an ace when raised –every time.
  • She worries about her older brother and she worries about Wil. From this I know she has a big heart!
  • I like those country girl sorts. (lol)
  • Two times stronger and 100 times cuter than Dorothy! …Seems so, anyway.
  • She’s has the most “everywoman” feel to her out of the characters.
  • She’s the strongest Archer we’ve had up until now.
  • I just can’t resist those green braids and big green eyes!
  • Her simple smile is so wonderful.
  • I was attracted to how she has a smile of an angel, but the strength of a demon!
  • I wished she could support Eliwood…
  • She’s cute and giving it her all despite just being 15.

Everyone Else (53%)

#11 Jaffar

Approval Rating (M): 4/5
Approval Rating (F): 2/5


  • So strong with his instant kill. I was able to beat the game thanks to this guy.
  • O.H.K.O.
  • He seems cold but is actually kind.
  • Strong, and COOL☆ I love him!
  • On top of being sexy and cool, he also manages to show a warmer side in his dialogue.
  • His story, cool battle animation, and strength make him the best.
  • His lack of emotion and facial expression was really cool.
  • The fact the man who lives in shadows could be so kind is what made me fall in love with him.
  • The way Nino totally surprised him. (lol)
  • He’s cool.
  • He manages to be both strong and kind. He left the greatest impression on me in this game.
  • The way he protected Nino and stuff, so cool! I like him a lot. And he’s a pretty strong character, too.
  • Splat! The way he would finish off enemies was just so cool.
  • His calmness when doing a critical is awesome.
  • That instant kill when he’d attack.
  • I wanted to support him after seeing how Nino helped him change.

#12 Karel

Approval Rating (M): 5/5
Approval Rating (F): 1/5


  • In Binding Blade, I was like, “Who is this washed up old man…he looks so tired, is he really even a swordsman? Will he be alright?” I am so, so sorry for thinking this way!! I fell in love with him right away. I love this more dangerous look to him. Why couldn’t he have stayed a “Sword Demon”……?
  • I love the contrast between Sword Saint Karel and Sword Demon Karel.
  • This frightening guy changes so much in 20 years… What happened? I need to know!
  • His cruelty is cool!
  • The ultimate cool guy! It’s kind of charming to see how different he compared to Binding Blade.
  • It’s scary how he cuts down the strong, but at the same time, it’s pretty cool.
  • He’s an enigma when it comes to his feelings.
  • I like how absurd his speech and actions are compared to Binding Blade. Also, he’s strong.
  • His lunacy surpasses the others in the group. He did not betray my expectations at all.
  • I found his support conversations to be adorable.
  • His abilities are truly fitting for one called the “Sword Saint.”
  • I find it cool how he seems to live in the darkness.
  • I always find the “wandering swordsman” types to be cool. Haha
  • Simply put: He’s the Sword Demon. When he first appeared he just oozed coolness!
  • A super COOL GUY! The appeal was from the big difference between him here and in Binding Blade.
  • He’s a fierce deity.

#13 Guy

Approval Rating (M): 3/5
Approval Rating (F): 3/5


  • Through his conversations we see that he’s a bit of a dope –which just made him cuter!
  • Afterward, with Karel, he… (Cries) Please be alive!!
  • His support conversations are fun.
  • He’s rather delicate and good looking, at that.
  • He’s always giving it his all…I think!
  • I love when he says, “[I’m] a great soldier of Sacae!”*
  • That personality of his is very amusing.
  • He’s cheerful and openhearted. A good character.
  • I like his simplicity and straightforwardness.
  • A fervent young swordsman. The best.
  • He’s a braided swordsman who endures a craving for meat!
  • The part with Matthew and how their fate revolves around meat. Also that part when he gets seasick.
  • That inexperienced personality of his was captivating.
  • His support conversation with Priscilla was nice, and he’s strong.
  • The way he would cut down enemies with one critical hit was fun.
  • The way he gives it his all.
  • I’m in LOVE with that critical attack!

*I quoted the equivalent line from localization they were referring to, but this is a slight mistranslation in the localization, as he said “swordsman” specifically.

#14 Legault

Approval Rating (M): 3/5
Approval Rating (F): 3/5


  • That scar on his face is nice.
  • He’s strong, and remained cool to the end.
  • At first I thought he was just some shady thief, but after witnessing the staggering revelations about the Black Fang through his conversations, I found myself choking on tears.
  • His expression and being has this aura of sorrow about him –which I was captivated by. I wondered, “Could I become a man like him, too?”
  • He carries a heavy burden on his shoulders that makes him rather aloof to the world.
  • It’s cool how he can be so forward-looking even when always thinking about the past.
  • His face is so dreamy.
  • His maturity and colors gave off good vibes. Also, he’s really really strong!
  • Everything he says is so cool! His conversation with Heath is the best.
  • His “no worries” was nice.*
  • I didn’t think much of his one or two peculiarities, but then his words and actions would always go beyond my expectations, which was nice. I found his conversations about the “Fang” especially heartrending. (T-T)
  • I liked aspects like his strong presence and values.
  • His stylish and enigmatic kind of looks sent chills down my spine!
  • He’s one mature thief!! And way too handsome!!
  • I fell in love with his dialogue vs. Lloyd (it was their destiny from the start).
  • I like his easygoing personality.

*In Japanese, the equivalent line in Dragon’s Gate was:  いーよ別に (ii yo betsuni) . It’s more fluttery in its tone than in ENG, so I’d translate it more like: “It’s allll good!”

#15 Florina

Approval Rating (M): 4/5
Approval Rating (F): 2/5


  • I want to protect her.
  • I like how she’s timid but always trying her best.
  • I was captivated by how she’s always trying her hardest for Lyn.
  • I wanna protect her.
  • Everything!! But especially her timid nature –it’s the best!!
  • I find her air-headed nature interesting.
  • From the start I already thought, “man she’s cute~.” But her support conversation with Hector was the finishing blow. So cute~
  • Her absent mindedness was so cute! The way she landed right on top of Hector was great.
  • She’s so soft she’s cute.
  • She’s really cute, but also strong. Also her relation with Hector is GOOD.
  • I found her shyness when dealing with men to be really cute.
  • It’s really cute how on one hand she’s really timid but on the other hand she’s incredibly brave and independent.
  • She’s as gentle as a little girl [should be].
  • The way she talks…
  • She’s a beautiful Pegasus Knight who’s a treasure in my army.

#16 Rath

Approval Rating (M): 3/5
Approval Rating (F): 3/5


  • I love and favor the nomadic people of Sacae.
  • He may be unsociable, but he lends his strength to his fellow tribesmen. The way he left Araphen was an unforgettable moment.
  • His support conversation with Wil was really funny, huh…? (lol)
  • I love his support conversation with Lyn! He’s wonderful with her.
  • Cool, good-looking, and mysterious.
  • He doesn’t talk much which is cool and makes him attractive.
  • My older sister and I loved him so much that we would fight over him! (lol) He was just too darn dreamy!!
  • That look in his eyes (so sharp). I love it!!
  • Holds great pride for his people, and above all else is super reliable!!
  • He feels great pride as a nomad. Very cool.
  • I love characters that speak through their actions rather than words. ♩
  • Despite being a loner, it’s nice that he shows a surprisingly kind side when speaking to allies one on one.
  • He’s super cool, super strong, and super bold.
  • He has pride for his people and is the most reliable person there is!!
  • He’s calm and quiet, and also displays a kinder side at times.

#17 Ninian

Approval Rating (M): 3/5
Approval Rating (F): 3/5


  • I liked her. She felt like the true heroine of the game.
  • The most ephemeral, beautiful, earnest, and my favorite of all characters in Blazing Blade.
  • She’s cute, pretty, and dances. ♩ A dancing girl.
  • I like her fleeting appearance, earnest personality, and everything.
  • The way she acts out of wholehearted love for Eliwood was incredibly moving. Later, it moved Eliwood too!!
  • She has a mysterious cuteness to her.
  • Poor girl, she made me cry. (T-T)
  • She’s so polite.
  • A sense of ephemeral cuteness to her. A key character.
  • The true heroine of Blazing Blade!
  • Cute and kind.
  • Her support conversations with Eliwood are the best.
  • She’s the fleeting dancer girl type!
  • Her wholehearted mannerisms toward Eliwood.

#18 Wil

Approval Rating (M): 3/5
Approval Rating (F): 3/5


  • I like how he’s always upbeat.
  • Despite his diligence it’s fun to see him make silly mistakes here and there.
  • I like how he is rarely concerned about himself.
  • His personality! And his friendliness is GOOD!
  • He’s sociable and has a great hairstyle. hehe
  • It’s wonderful when he ditches his serious side. Also, he becomes quite a reliable unit when trained.
  • His support conversations were incredibly amusing.
  • The way he enthusiastically leaves home –if only life were really that simple.
  • His support conversations focus on a lighter side of him…he’s cute, but foolish, in them.
  • I like his childhood relation to Rebecca, as well as how he’s dumb but handsome.
  • Good luck, Villager #3!!
  • He’s a little dumb, but cute.
  • Above all else, he’s the King of Verbal Slip.
  • He’s prone to making silly mistakes.
  • I want him to say, “I’ll always stay near…and protect you” to me!

#19 Serra

Approval Rating (M): 4/5
Approval Rating (F): 2/5


  • I can totally relate to her…you know?*
  • It was the first time I’d ever seen a Cleric with this kind of personality, so she was very amusing.
  • I felt love at first sight the moment I saw her picture in a gaming magazine. I love the cheery energetic types.
  • The way she does things in her own selfish way is so cute!!
  • I always wonder if I can have as determined a spirit as she does.
  • Her cheekiness
  • She’s a cleric unlike any other we’ve had up until now.
  • While she abuses those around her with her inflated ego, she seems incapable of actually hating
  • She’s a revolutionary cleric.
  • There is contrast between her modest appearance and energetic personality. There haven’t been any characters like her up until now. Incredibly peculiar and left me with a very good impression.
  • She ignores her allies and rushes right in!
  • I love her recklessness. She’s also strong. Her conversation with Lucius, too. ◍
  • She seems like a regular cleric but her personality couldn’t be more different than one, which is nice. I also like the contents of her support conversations.
  • I like her wicked tongue. (lol)
  • She has the most interesting dialogue.
  • I like her relationship with Hector. Haha
  • Her comical dialogue exchanges were really fun!!

*The localized script doesn’t translate Serra’s signature reaffirmation ねぇ (neh) into anything in particular, but the commenter used it here, translated as “y’know.”

#20 Priscilla

Approval Rating (M): 4/5
Approval Rating (F): 2/5


  • She’s a strong and lovely noblewoman.
  • I think her head decoration fits her well! Hehe
  • She becomes even more stylish as a Valkyrie, and her magic power strengthens considerably.
  • She’s pure and cute.
  • She’s cute, strong, and a Troubadour. Priscilla is the best!!
  • Her support conversations with Erk are so lovable.
  • Highly recommended!! She’s cute, isn’t she?
  • Her quick emergency aid and support conversations with Erk made me like her.
  • Despite her status as a noblewoman, her personality is graceful and reserved. Along with her pretty facial features, she’s perfect!
  • I fell for her after her support conversation with Guy!
  • Strong and easy to level up.
  • If you raise her, she’s strrongggggg!
  • The feather in her ear is lovely.
  • I love the noblewoman types! Her magic is strong and she’s fast, which makes her useful for battle.
  • She’s cute.

#21 Erk

Approval Rating (M):2/5
Approval Rating (F): 4/5


  • He’s the most attractive of them all!! I like his introverted personality, as well as how he always ends up being pushed around by Serra. (loll)
  • I just couldn’t hold it in after his support conversation with Serra. Haha!
  • He’s a character who does things against his better judgement… so I guess I could relate to him…?
  • He’s cool and collected, yet also rather wise at times too. I like it. ☆☆
  • I like how he complains a lot but continues to protection duties anyway. Hehe
  • The way he thinks highly of Pent and Louise, the way he is rather collected for someone his age, and the way he takes abuse from the unmanageable Serra. (lol) Really, I love everything about him!
  • His uncooperative nature.
  • Cute!! Strong!! The best Mage there is. ♩
  • I like how serious he is.
  • I find his subdued endurance to difficult circumstances and dash of sarcasm to be adorable…!
  • Strong and with a good personality. His support conversation with Serra was great! (lol)
  • The way he’s abused by Serra.
  • Lovable, attractive, and the best!!
  • The way he always submits to Serra pushing him around is so cute.
  • I like his calm nature.
  • His seriousness and stuff. He’s cute!

#22 Ursula

Approval Rating (M): 5/5
Approval Rating (F): 1/5


  • An awesome villain!! I was totally captivated.
  • I like strong, beautiful women. Her pre-battle dialogue left an impression on me.
  • That cool-headedness and mysterious atmosphere she had to her is nice.
  • I wanted her (and her beauty) to be able to become an ally. That and her contrary personality…
  • So strong!! I lost countless times against Ursula on the chapter she was a boss on!
  • A “big sister” with blue hair. That’s enough, right?
  • Well, she has a wonderful figure, visage, and is a Valkyrie~ ♩
  • A beautiful person surrounded by many mysteries.
  • Her hairstyle is wonderful…
  • She’s cool and attractive.
  • She’s cute –for a villain.
  • She’s a wonderful battle maiden.
  • She’s beautiful… if only she could become an ally.

#23 Fiora

Approval Rating (M): 5/5
Approval Rating (F): 1/5


  • I love the big sister Pegasus Knight types, and her conversations with Kent were good.
  • She has a strong sense of responsibility.
  • She cares for her younger sisters.
  • Hairstyle, personality, and manners of speech are all lovely!
  • The way she always protects Florina is nice.
  • She’s the older sister type.
  • Diligent and tidy… and very charming.
  • I like that she’s kind and helpful.
  • A beautiful and reliable older sister. I want this kind of big sister!
  • I like the cute but diligent characters. I always marry her to Eliwood.
  • From the start we can see how she’s the “reliable older sister” to the unreliable Florina.
  • I would love to have a wonderful big sister like her!
  • She’s my type.

#24 Sain

Approval Rating (M): 3/5
Approval Rating (F): 3/5


  • I fell in love with him right off the bat.
  • He just gets straight to it. (lol)
  • He seems to always be unserious but is reliable when it counts. He’s the type who can cheer anybody up.
  • He’s usually chasing girls around, but he also holds both strength as a cavalier and sincerity.
  • He has a lighthearted personality, but I also like his gentleman side!
  • Behind that unserious character is a strong spirit.
  • I love everything from his appearance to his personality! He’s like a kid, a cute one at that!
  • I like handsome men that flirt with girls.
  • Even though he chases after women, I like how he works so hard for just one person!!!
  • Honestly, I would always cheer up whenever he showed up.
  • “You come off as a playboy, but I know behind that you’re truly a kind and faithful person. And so, let’s go around Elibe –together!” By: A female tactician.
  • I like that uh… bandanna? Headband? Whatever –around his forehead.

#25 Heath

Approval Rating (M): 3/5
Approval Rating (F): 3/5


  • When I first saw his appearance (with that hairstyle with its colors and all), I thought he would be a silly character. But, he turned out to be incredibly serious, and something about that contrast made me love him.
  • He served me really well on the final chapter… That commercial deeply wounds me.(lol…)*
  • I liked his appearance and dialogue when you recruit him and such. His pride as a knight was unforgettably charming.
  • Strong, fast, and the most handsome of them all! With these three essential (?) traits, he was the Ace of my army.
  • So darn good-looking! His support conversation with Legault is great!
  • He’s like a hero who came right out of an action movie.
  • I felt so bad seeing him die in the commercial* –especially because he becomes so strong when you train him!
  • His shaved-ice hair (melon syrup, specifically).
  • I love his way of thinking about living things, as well as his straightforward personality!! He was strong as a unit, too, so that goes without saying. His streaked hair was my favorite…
  • The moment he said “I’ve no wish to harm women and children” I thought he was great. I like how he’s always looking after his allies.
  • He’s strong and a proud knight, unforgettable even when retreating.
  • He’s a true warrior.

*In the Japanese commercial for Blazing Blade, it shows Heath’s death and quote (at about 0:19). It seems to have left an impression on some people and became a bit of a joke.

#26 Karla

Approval Rating (M): 4/5
Approval Rating (F): 2/5


  • She’s sexy.
  • I like both her looks and personality. (^ ^)
  • She appears late, but her conversation with Bartre is great.
  • She’s very uninterested in the world.
  • I find those pointed beauties charming.
  • You have to go through a lot of hardships to get her.
  • She’s cool! But slightly out of touch. Her “negotiations” with Bartre are great.
  • Her relationship with her older brother is lovely!! Also she’s beautiful.
  • She’s rather gallant for a woman!
  • Of course I love the long black-haired swordswoman!
  • She’s an unusual type of character.
  • She’s a character mentioned in Binding Blade, so I was looking forward to her.
  • Fir was my favorite character in the previous title.
  • She’s my ideal kind of girl.

#27 Pent

Approval Rating (M): 2/5
Approval Rating (F): 4/5


  • Mega attractive! I couldn’t resist voting for him because I love Klein and Clarine too.
  • His face. His natural strength. His personality. His attitude toward his wife.
  • I found his conversations with his wife interesting.
  • He’s strong and I like his appearance! And that personality, such a devoted husband…
  • Really handsome! I fell in love the moment I saw his picture. I love this kind of character. So perfect with his strength and good looks! And how he and Louise are so lovey-dovey. I love them together!
  • He’s so strong in the game! And that slightly humorous side behind his good looks is great.
  • He has a refreshing air about him. It felt very intimate.
  • So handsome ☆ it’s good that he holds his wife to great importance, and his occasional humorous moments are the best!
  • I like that, despite his high social position, he is actually quite carefree (?)
  • The best Mage General! I was entranced by his lovey-dovey-ness with his wife!
  • He’s so strong and good looking! His support conversations with Louise are also the greatest!
  • Great as a person, great in his looks. What more needs to be said?
  • I like Sages.

#28 Farina

Approval Rating (M): 5/5
Approval Rating (F): 1/5


  • She may be miserly, but she’s really helpful.
  • She’s a great combination with Hector, you hear?!
  • She’s just so eccentric! Her character was so great! Stuff like being a self-proclaimed “Strongwing” for instance. (LMAO)
  • I liked her lust and greed for money. The reasoning behind it was nice.
  • She was worth the 20,000!!
  • Her personality is incredibly amusing, so she became my favorite.
  • Her and Hector’s support conversation was great… like a true comedic duo!
  • She’s a cute girl who is fussy about her money.
  • She’s both bright and attractive.
  • She lives by the coin!! But it’s actually because she cares for her little sister.
  • She’s strong and attractive. Her high defense was appealing.
  • I love her hairstyle! Her personality was amusing too.
  • No matter who she was talking to, her support conversations were really funny.
  • I like her way of life.
  • She’s cute and a real resourceful go-getter.
  • Her personality is a lot like mine.
  • I wish we could use her in Eliwood’s story too.

#29 Kent

Approval Rating (M): 2/5
Approval Rating (F): 4/5


  • He’s so serious it’s cute.
  • He was really easy to use when it comes to cavaliers, and I was fond of his straight-laced personality.
  • I love the serious types. ☆
  • Cool and handsome. Also it’s wonderful how he harbors secret feelings toward Lyn. Hehe
  • He’s diligent and has incredibly loyalty to his lord!!!
  • I like the serious knight types. His low luck was a charming point to me.
  • I’m not sure what I like exactly but I love him!!
  • The knightliest of knights. He is completely devoted to his lord, and it felt great to see that loyalty turn to love.
  • His conversations with Sain were amusing. I also like his diligence.
  • Calm and puts utmost efforts into his given tasks.
  • He’s stalwart and honest.
  • I love the loyal Cavaliers.
  • His devotion to Lyndis is wonderful. ☆

#30 Roland

Approval Rating (M): 5/5
Approval Rating (F): 1/5


  • His wise words betray his childish face. We only meet him once, but he has a strong presence.
  • He seems strong, considering he’s one of the Eight Legends.
  • He’s the owner of Durandal.
  • The strongest hero. So cool.
  • He’s just shrouded in mystery.
  • He’s the owner of the Blazing Blade –and looks great, at that.
  • He looks completely different than I imagined.
  • Ahh~ no matter what anyone says, he’s the best looking of them all! I’d love to use him in some future title!!
  • I had no idea he’d have such a pretty face (lol) I think he would’ve been a better protagonist than Eliwood~!
  • His face is to my liking.
  • He’s the ancestor of Hector and Lilina.
  • That blue hair is just too much!

(The rest below are from the book, and so only have one or two comments to them).

#31 Uther


  • He’s a good Lord Brother who cares for his younger brother.
  • That scar across his nose is pretty cool.

#32 Bramimond


  • So mysterious.
  • I was interested the moment they said, “It [Bramimond] has no sense of self.”

#33 Bartre


  • This man right here is the true hero.
  • Those eyebrows!!

#34 Nils


  • The way he dances and spins is so darn cute!
  • He cares a lot for his older sister. I want to be as good as a younger brother as he is.

#35 Marcus


  • It’s nice seeing him go from his young self to grandpa self!
  • He’s a wise and devoted vassal.

#36 Leila


  • It was just so painful…and really sad.
  • Her appeal is her maturity!

#37 Louise


  • She’s a beautiful blonde-haired archer.
  • I like the “wife in a noble family” sorts.

#38 Lowen


  • I love his moments regarding hunger in his support conversations.
  • I still remember: “fill your heart, but first, fill your belly…”

#39 Oswin


  • I think he is the most reliable armored unit in FE history.
  • He’s heavy in every manner of the word. Nice!

#40 Merlinus


  • Even back then [his hair] is still all bushy huh…?
  • He’s by far the best decoy who boasts an insanely high evasion stat.

#41 Anna

(NA/NA – Not polled for FE6/7 specifically)

  • If it’s called FE, she has to be there!
  • She’s the Saving Sister.

#42 Limstella


  • The jet-black hair. The golden eyes. Everything.
  • They’re practically a shadow…can’t help but imagine what dreadful background this character has to them.

#43 Harken


  • His attitude on his life left a deep impression!
  • He looks like Astram.

#44 Wallace


  • His hearty nature and “Manual of Knightly Prowess.” (lol)
  • HE’S BALD!!!

#45 Murdok


  • He looks a lot like the vice principal at my school.
  • I liked him in Binding Blade as well. I fell in love with you when I saw your absolute loyalty to Zephiel!

#46 Hawkeye


  • His quiet and earnest personality as well as his overwhelmingly destructive power.
  • He’s like a wild beast.

#47 Guinivere


  • D’aww she’s soh cyute an’ shomawl! Hehe
  • Thinking of her future brought me to tears.

#48 Athos


  • So mighty, he is.
  • He’s lived for so long…

#49 Uhai


  • His outlook on life is great.
  • He’s an honorable plainsman who believes in a fair fight –and looks quite nice too.

#50 Linus


  • He has an extreme brother complex –which is so cute! He’s also a kind big bro to Nino.
  • He’s cool, and he’s a Hero class.

#51 Vaida


  • We haven’t had any female characters like this up until now! (*’Д’)

#52 Renault


  • I love you for your modest appearance. Hehe

#53 Fargus


  • Love this guy! He’s the cap’n I wanna be!

#54 Elbert



#55 Dart


  • He’s the cool man of the sea!

#56 Kishuna


  • I would say he’s the most pitiful character in Blazing Blade by far, wouldn’t you agree? Also, I couldn’t sleep at night when I noticed how he resembled certain Manaketes in Binding Blade

#57 Zephiel


  • No matter how cold his father is to him, Zephiel still strives to earn his love. ☆

#58 Ephidel


  • He’s so cool! It’s too bad he died in such a pathetic manner!!

#59 Jasmine


  • “Oho, Paul! I do believe you’re right!”

#60 Geitz


  • So handsome and strong! Marry me please~

#61 Dorcas


  • The way he became a bandit for the sake of buying medicine.

#62 Paul


  • Such a deep character. If only he could become an ally~

#63 Brendan


  • Though corrupted, he’s still the leader of the Black Fang. It was so regrettable, seeing that fleeting glimpse of him at the very end…

#64 Erik


  • This brat hasn’t changed at all in 17 years.

#65 Sonia


  • I liked the pitiful moment where she discovers that she too, is in fact, a morph.

#66 Isadora


  • Her death dialogue.

#67 Nergal

  • Out of everyone in the story, he has by far the most saddening and ironic existence.

#68 Hannah


  • She’s one heroic granny!

#69 Durban


  • I’d always give his Armads to Geese in Binding Blade.

Binding Blade (FE6)

Overall stats:

  • Average Age: 17.3
  • Male: 66.1% Female: 33.9%

#1 Roy

11% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M): 4/5 (80.7%)
Approval Rating (F): 2/5 (19.3%)
Average Age of Voters: 14.9


  • He’s an incredibly well-mannered and goodhearted person, as expected of a textbook protagonist.
  • He’s cool. I’ve liked him since Smash Bros. Melee.
  • Even though he was usually stiff, his support conversations showed a more childish side to him which I liked.
  • He looks so cool performing a critical hit!
  • I liked his kindness, honesty, and modesty. He’s the type of man I want to be.
  • Mainly the way he’s oblivious to all the little hints (see Lilina’s conversation).
  • That scene where he comforted Lilina is what made me fall in love with how kind he is.
  • I want a hairstyle like Roy.
  • Movement 10 Roy is an overpowered Roy.
  • He’s the first person I thought of. I use his name in other games.
  • He’s so young yet commands such a large army. Amazing.
  • I love his personality! If there were more people like him in my daily life, I think it’d be fun!
  • He shows kindness regardless of who he is talking to, he looks handsome, and his personality is great. I love him. ♩
  • We’re around the same age, but boy can he do way more than me.
  • His hair color (such a passionate red!) So cool!
  • He’s a handsome boy!! And that headband in his red hair is the best! Soo dreammyyy~
  • He’s a kind boy who fights for Elibe and its people in his father’s place. I like him.
  • The battle scenes where he wields the Binding Blade is so cool!
  • I like his purity and kindness. He’s a kid who cares deeply for his allies, you know? I love him.
  • He cares for and harmonizes with his allies.
  • He’s calm. He always chooses the right path no matter the circumstance. Very cool.
  • I LOVE HIM! So strong and so cool!
  • I like red hair.
  • HE’S JUST SO COOL~~!! I hope he appears for us in future titles too~!
  • So cool (especially that sword).
  • He’s cool in both Super Smash Bros. Melee and in this game.
  • He’s the character that got me interested in the FE series. Without Roy, I would’ve gone on without ever hearing about the games.
  • He’s kind and sincere.
  • I just wanna pull that red hair and pinch his cheeks! His face is just that cute! And and don’t forget his small body and the way he dodges an attack, oh and that personality, and and ahhh just everything…
  • His hairstyle is cool.
  • His face is hot as a hunk.
  • “For those whom I must protect, I cannot lose!”*
  • I’m totally in love with his sense of justice.
  • I think he’s the purest kind of cool.

*This is his victory quote from Smash Bros. Melee: 守るべきもののために、負けられない (mamoru beki mono no tameni, makerarenai)

#2 Rutger

8% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M): 4/5 (74.7%)
Approval Rating (F): 2/5 (25.3%)
Average Age of Voter: 16.4


  • He’s handsome, and I like his clothes too.
  • He’s cool, and always turns enemy attacks around with a critical hit! The strongest.
  • I like characters that are cool and have a dark past. Since he’s strong, he was always an essential soldier in my army.
  • His speedy sword is the best!
  • I like that dangerous look to him.
  • He helped me out countless times.
  • His dialogue in the support conversation with Dieck. Words of wisdom were spoken!
  • I liked his conversations and rivalry with Dieck.
  • Binding Blade was the first game I played in the FE series. He was the first character I ever class changed. He was absurdly cool and deeply moved me.
  • He’s the strongest of them all! His character backstory is also heartrending.
  • Myrmidon + Killing Edge + Taciturn
  • Came to my aid time and time again. And the battle animations of the myrmidon class has in the game is so nice~!
  • He wields the Wo Dao and is really handsome! Hehe
  • I like how he’s cold and quick at cutting down enemies yet gets troubled when girls cry.
  • He was my strongest from start to finish! (^▽^)ノ
  • He’s taciturn but has a hidden kind side.
  • He’s strong.
  • So strong, so handsome!
  • He’s soooo dreamy! I loveee him!! Pairing him with Clarine is the best!
  • He’s wonderful!
  • He’s the [result of] the promise (?) of being the cool Myrmidon in an FE game.
  • He’s strong. I trained him without even thinking about it much.
  • He looks cool, of course! But I also remember him saving me countless times when I was still new to the game. It’s a good thing he’s strong! Heh
  • His COOL moments. It was love at first sight…
  • I managed to get a 108 critical hit rate at his best.
  • He would unleash critical hits pretty often.
  • Obviously, his beautiful hairstyle!
  • The critical rate being 30% up for Swordmasters was overkill.
  • His A support conversation with Clarine was nice!
  • He’s DEFINITELY popular with the ladies!

#3 Lilina

5% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M): 4/5 (72.8%)
Approval Rating (F): 2/5 (27.2%)
Average Age of Voter: 17.2


  • I would have never guessed that behind that cuteness was the power of a fearsome beast.
  • She shows a smile and is kind to everyone (her support conversation with Gonzales was very touching).
  • Are you watching, Lord Hector? Your daughter grew up to be incredibly powerful!
  • So strong! She ended up killing her friend Roy with a single blow when she went berserk.
  • The strongest sage!! She’s a beautiful girl who destroys both bosses and small fry alike. She holds in her sorrow for the sake of Elibe’s future!
  • If you use her, she becomes really strong.
  • Her attack power far surpasses that of the even main character. Thumbs up. She’s great at shooting down wyvern units.
  • She’s the wonderful heroine who shares love with Roy.
  • She feels like the second protagonist.
  • Her hair is long and blue!
  • A magical girl heroine is the best heroine!!
  • I like magic wielding characters. I love Lilina. Haha
  • The ideal heroine (with magic that’s out of this world)
  • She’s the daughter of Hector –a character I liked in Blazing Blade.
  • Her ending with Roy.
  • Her face.
  • She’s cute! Her battle sprite is cute too! She’s the Heroine of the war, and strong at that!

#4 Raigh

5% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M): 2/5 (31.2%)
Approval Rating (F): 4/5 (68.8%)
Average Age of Voter: 16.8


  • I haven’t been able to recover from his sharp tongue yet. Lol
  • Despite his cheeky attitude, he shows a more vulnerable, lonelier side to Lugh which I found cute.
  • He’s a lot like me…?
  • Nosferatu.
  • I like how that at first glance he seems like an uncooperative little brat, but it turns out he’s kind with a deep thirst for knowledge.
  • Despite all the things he says, the fact he’s still a child. (lol)
  • He’s cute, and I love that he loves (?) his older brother! v lol
  • He’s strong! He’s cute! He’s cheeky! He embodies all three of these requisites.
  • He’s audacious, but shows kindness too! His dialogue left a deep impression countless times.
  • He may not be polite, but I liked his true, kinder side (>_<) Raigh was always my shaman of choice for my army. ☆
  • We occasionally see a glimpse of the real child that lies behind his mature façade –a kind of purity that I love to the point it hurts.
  • His death quote…
  • He’s a very peculiar character… and is the strongest member of my current party.
  • His contrary nature is so cute, you know…?
  • Those eyes of his are good! (Er, or are they bad? Ahh~)
  • I love his rudeness hehe
  • He’s a guy who presents himself as a bad boy on the outside but is actually a kind-hearted dude on the inside.
  • He’s the easiest Shaman to use, and actually cares for his allies, I guess? That [vagueness] is nice~
  • THIS GUY’S MY BOY!!! Can’t get any cooler than this, yo!

#5 Fir

4% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M): 4/5 (81.5%)
Approval Rating (F): 2/5 (18.5%)
Average Age of Voter: 18.1


  • Ahhhhh, I love her stiff manner of speaking and love toward her parents!! She was the first person I class changed –with love!! (lol)
  • She looks courageous in her artwork, which I found especially charming.
  • Even though she looks intense in her sprite, but when she talks she’s as cute as a Shiba Inu. And she’s strong!
  • Her impatience with Noah is great.
  • She is the successor of the silly relationship between Sir Bartre and Karla!!
  • Her sword arm is powerful, yet she’s emotionally immature. This imbalance is cute.
  • Swordsmanship is in her blood! Which is nice, but also like she’s right out of a shojo manga.*
  • Even though she’s a top class myrmidon, she also shows things like how she’s rather ignorant to the ways of the world. I liked this kind of thing a lot. But, most of all, she inherited her good looks from Karla too, y’know? (lol)
  • I find the characters that speak their mind to be the most fun.
  • Her support conversations are heartwarming… she’s also a really easy myrmidon to train.
  • Her strength –and appearance –never fails to betray my expectations.
  • The Goddess of Evasion blessed with speed and luck! It mirrors her resolve as a swordswoman!
  • I think she’s a beautiful soul.
  • Wo Dao. Doping. Support. → Critical Hit 99%.*
  • She’s a black haired swordswoman! Her support conversations are heartwarming…and she’s a really user-friendly Myrmidon.
  • She’s Karla’s daughter.
  • I love ponytails.

*They use “doping” to mean utilizing stat boosting items to increase stats (mostly to the max) in case that wasn’t clear.

#6 Shanna

4% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M): 4/5 (77.9%)
Approval Rating (F): 2/5 (22.1%)
Average Age of Voter:  17.8


  • Her friendly personality and face!
  • “Captain!” (lol)
  • She did great work for me as a Falcon Knight with the Delphi Shield + Iron Lance. Hehe
  • She would make me feel energetic, somehow.
  • I love the three Pegasus sisters! They’re all cute. hehe
  • She’s a cheerful and cute Pegasus knight. I managed to max all her stats.
  • She’s cute and bright, and would cheer me up. Paring her with her captain Dieck is the best. ♩
  • I wanted to support her since she’s a vigorous and reliable girl.
  • Her cheerfulness is contagious ♩ & she was the captain of my shock corps (lol)
  • Energetic, strong, and cute… and of course, she’s wonderful because she’s an apprentice Pegasus knight who’s always doing her best. ☆
  • Her luck growth was great, as well as her speed. She could always be deployed to the front lines.
  • I loved her cheerful personality which shined in her support conversations! I (even as a guy) really wanna be like that…
  • She’s friendly and sociable. (^_^)v
  • She floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee!! She saved me so many times! (^^; )
  • Thanks to her cheerful character and natural talents (?) I was able to weather many ordeals that came my way.
  • Well I mean…she’s a Pegasus Knight and a blue haired girl, so… (lol)
  • She makes me wish I had a little sister like her~
  • Hurray for the energetic girls! Hurray!!!
  • She was the one I relied on most when in trouble.

#7 Lugh

4% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M): 3/5 (56.9%)
Approval Rating (F): 3/5 (43.1%)
Average Age of Voter: 16.1


  • I find him, Chad, and Raigh to be an adorable group of three.
  • So young yet doing his best at being so courageous.
  • He’s so winsome (does anyone even use this word?) also his relationship with Raigh is a main reason.
  • His reason for joining the Lycian League was so cool.
  • I like his cuteness, coolness, and stout-heartedness.
  • He’s strong. I like how he fights on behalf of the other orphans.
  • He was the messiah of my army!! (I’m serious).
  • He’s very heroic and very user friendly.
  • I thought he was a she at first…I’m sorry!
  • He could blow away the high defense units with one shot from his magic. He saved me more than I can count.
  • I grew attached to him from the moment he appeared.
  • It’s wonderful how he cares for his friends and little brother with an earnest personality!! I also like how strong he is.
  • Despite his sillier moments he’s really strong.
  • I admired how he chose not to back down.
  • At times when I felt exhausted, I’d see this cute and kind spell caster and feel my energy –and hope—return to me.
  • He’s cute! ❤ And I LOVE those sillier moments with him ❤ ❤
  • He’s a cute boy Mage with a twin!

#8 Wolt

3% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M): 3/5 (43.3%)
Approval Rating (F): 3/5 (56.7%)
Average Age of Voter: 16.5


  • He has such a low profile…
  • Why indeed… I’m not sure?
  • I fell in love with him. He’s strong if you train him, and his combination with Roy is the best.
  • I guess those moments where he puts his all into it.
  • I became fond of him when I saw his comedic obliviousness in his support conversation with Roy-boy.
  • His brotherly relationship with Lord Roy and his reliability is what I liked about him. ♩
  • I found it cute how he’s secretly quite air-headed.
  • He’s cute, and I felt attached as he was one of the initial party members.
  • The fact he’s an archer and was established as Roy’s milk brother. I love him!!
  • I practiced archery myself and had a lot of fun with it. After too much training though I eventually had to put my bow skills behind me. (lol)
  • He might be a little oblivious, but he does pay attention to and often thinks of the others in the army!!! THE BEST.
  • Earnest to a fault. I would’ve loved to see a support conversation between Wolt and Lilina.
  • His sincerity was captivating. ^^
  • He’s the coolest servant!!
  • My friends constantly say he’s the weakest, most useless, and an utterly terrible character, but I say he’s number one!
  • I LOVE FE! Anyway minor nitpicks are that his growth rates are a little dubious and he can only support one girl, but otherwise I love him!
  • He’s so cute! And so strong!
  • He’s strong as a bow unit, and he’s available from the very start.
  • He’s on the more serious side.

#9 Dieck

3% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M): 4/5 (79.0%)
Approval Rating (F): 2/5 (21.0%)
Average Age of Voter: 16.3


  • His face is DANDY, and his scar is NICE!!!
  • He’s a good man. Despite his dark past he still manages to be warm and kind –which makes him the best.
  • I like his relations with Klein’s family!
  • He’s super strong. On top of that, super cool. Dieck’s critical animation is the best!!
  • Dieck’s strong and has a cool masculine attractiveness to him.
  • Definitely those good looks. I want to be like that.
  • He’s the nice uncle-like character.
  • A cool guy. And a leader, of course. From the start he was really helpful to me.
  • He helped me out throughout the entire game. Hero Dieck is the best!!
  • He’s cool in combat!! His personality is so nice and refreshing!! His support conversation with Shanna is the best!!
  • I like so many characters in this game, but chose him in the end. His warm heart, scar, personality, and of course, looks. I love it all. The cool older brother gets my vote without a second thought.
  • So manly, so kind, so good!
  • This reliable big bro is so good, ya’know…?
  • The ideal big brother! I wanted a big bro like this…
  • He behaves every bit like the magnificent veteran hero he is.
  • He’s a reliable and strong hero.
  • He’s the best big bro!

#10 Sophia

3% of overall vote
Approval Rating (M): 5/5 (87.5%)
Approval Rating (F): 1/5 (12.5%)
Average Age of Voter: 17.3


  • Of all the characters we receive at Lv. 1, she was the [most troublesome] one I remember.
  • I like the peculiar air she has to her. Raising her was nothing but trouble –but I also grew attached to her.
  • The “Qua…?” in her B support conversation with Igrene is the main reason.
  • Her quiet and fleeting nature is adorable. I just felt the need to protect her. ☆
  • I like the mysterious types, and she’s just surrounded by an air of mystery. Also she has really, really long dragging hair (lol) Athos does too actually…I guess they lack a barber in Nabata?
  • Is she the first time we had a dark mage who isn’t a dubious person…?
  • She’s cute and timid, so good! Her support conversation with Raigh is especially nice.
  • She’s a level one female shaman we get in the second half of the game… and has a peculiarity to her.
  • She’s weak, and so, I got attached to her fast.
  • She’s a girl who makes you want to protect her. We’d always make her Roy’s bride-to-be.
  • I like how she’s calm and mysterious.
  • Personality, appearance, everything about her is the best. I never actually let her out on the field, though…because she was just too precious…
  • I like enigmatic girls.
  • I liked how she could gaze into the future and be troubled enough by it to oppose it.
  • Her fragile appearance contrasts with her strength after she’s trained.
  • Her face…is just…so nice…(><)
  • Her timid personality is so good!!

Everyone Else (50%)

#11 Hugh

Approval Rating (M): 3/5
Approval Rating (F): 3/5


  • I fell in love with his “I loveeeee money♩”kinda attitude. ♩ His charm balances well with his stats, so he’s always a staple unit in my army.
  • His foolish nature and that hairstyle.
  • I like idiots who also have a heart of gold. Haha
  • He’s very amusing.
  • He looks all cool at first, but it turns out he’s a good for nothing guy. I love it!
  • His miserly nature and playtime with the kids. (lol)
  • His shrewdness with money.
  • I like his sillier moments –stuff like how he’s no match for his granny or when he’s looking after the kids. ♩
  • I forgot how it happened, exactly, but somehow I was in a situation where I could only choose between Hugh and Roy… and so in the end chose Hugh to take down the final boss.
  • I like his helpful and joking personality. He’s a handsome man!!
  • His support conversation with his grandma Niime is very amusing! (lol)
  • He comes off as a frivolous and money-hungry person at first, but I ended up falling in love with how he’s actually good-natured and nice with kids…! He really is a good guy…
  • The best –with no end to his careless personality! He is Canas’s kid…right? (lol)
  • The way he believes himself to be “handsome!” Also how he’s really nice to kids.
  • He’s like my life-sized (?) older brother so I felt a great connection to him.
  • It’s hard to tell how old he is.
  • He’s hot –and strong when used.
  • He’s charming but seems pretty bad at dealing with things. I always immediately buy him at 10,000.
  • I love how he’s no match for his granny.

#12 Thea

Approval Rating (M): 4/5
Approval Rating (F): 2/5


  • Her seriousness is cute.
  • Her support conversation with Klein is the best!!! She’s cute.
  • The way she strictly carries herself is cute.
  • Despite her firm nature, it falters when with her younger sister Shanna and older sister Juno.
  • I liked her character –the level-headed second daughter who does her best.
  • Her seriousness makes her a little awkward, which I found nice.
  • She’s unreasonably stubborn.
  • Her face clearly screams seriousness –she looks great.
  • I fell in love the moment I saw her face, then I fell in love again when I saw her support conversation with Alan.
  • It was GOOD when we occasionally saw a shier side.
  • She is strict to others, but also to herself.
  • Her straightforwardness is nice. She feels the most fitting to be out on the battlefield as a Pegasus (Falcon) Knight.
  • I like how she persists through the hardships of being sandwiched between her kind older sister and naïve little sister.
  • Her appearance is nice, as is her inflexibility.♩ She’s also a satisfyingly strong unit!
  • With diligence she tries to better herself –and is a super pretty girl! She’s wonderful.

#13 Fae

Approval Rating (M): 3/5
Approval Rating (F): 3/5


  • She’s just so cute!
  • She’s so pure and innocent. She’s so cheerful and cute. The best!
  • I love Manaketes ♩
  • She’s so cute, even after she transforms!!
  • She’s strong! …though without her stone she’s a typical flying unit…
  • Her looks and way of speaking are so cute v
  • I was all like “cuteee~!” when I first saw her refer to herself as “Fae.”
  • So many good feelings in her support conversations!!
  • Her dialogue right before the final chapter and in the ending made me cry.
  • Despite the grave destiny placed upon her, she doesn’t back down and faces it courageously (maybe since she doesn’t know any better?)
  • Her high stats made her fun and easy to use. She’s also the cutest thing in the world!
  • Anything she even so much glances at gets destroyed… (TvT) I like her support conversation with Sophia.*
  • I like dragons.
  • Her fluffy appearance as a dragon and pure cuteness. She’s just what I’ve always wanted.

*The book lists these two sentences as two separate comments, the website as one single one. I went with the website.

#14 Clarine

Approval Rating (M): 3/5
Approval Rating (F): 3/5


  • Her incredible evasion. They miss and miss…but when they do hit, she dies.
  • I’m thankful that she would always run around and heal everyone for me.
  • A tomboy noblewoman with a brother complex, and her insane evasion was a great service to me. Her support conversations are interesting too!
  • I like her noblewoman vibes. Her support conversation with Rutger was amusing.
  • I liked her charming support convo with Dorothy.
  • Her selfishness makes it unimaginable that she came from Louise, but at the same time, I find it cute.
  • Even though she’s unyieldingly selfish, she has a cute side to her which made her my favorite female character. She’s also very useful as a unit.
  • Well she’s the holy Goddess of Evasion, you knowww. Haha she always helped me out on the front lines. Her entanglements with Rutger were also nice. lol
  • Elegant in the sense of being both sublime and strong of heart, but also very frail.
  • Her support conversations and dialogue are amusing (lol) She has a haughty attitude but I also found her character to be very cute.
  • She shows a selfish side at times, but I love how little Clarry-berry is actually kind at her core. hehehe
  • I find her battle animation sprite to be cute.
  • She becomes really strong if you place emphasis on training her. She helped me a lot when it came to the arena –as expected of Lord Pent’s daughter.
  • Her appearance, personality, and also her exchanges with friends, foe, and family alike are all amusing.
  • The contents of her conversations are both amusing and cute.
  • She’s the type of girl who always cries “big brother!”

#15 Zeiss

Approval Rating (M): 2/5
Approval Rating (F): 4/5


  • When he says “I’m a man of Bern,” there is a sense of anything but weakness behind his voice.
  • I fell for him after seeing his support conversations with Ellen and Sin.
  • His camaraderie with Galle was very moving.
  • The way his friendship deepens with Sin despite being a solider of Bern is splendid!
  • I like his straightforwardness.
  • He’s strong, good looking, and above all else I love his love for his sister. I want to trade my family for his (lol). I’m so jealous of Melady for having a little brother like this…
  • His love or his older sister and loyalty to Galle are captivating. He’s cool.
  • His final-map deployment dialogue made me laugh. lol
  • His positive way of thinking was nice (like in his support conversation with Sin).
  • I love his honesty. His support conversation with Ellen is also wonderful!
  • He became strong through combat, and I love how he looks so cool!
  • There was a great difference between his first impression and his support conversations.
  • For whatever reason, I just ended up liking him.
  • If you can put up with how slow he is at first (lol) then he becomes really strong! He’s also somewhat childish, which I think is cute.
  • He is handsome with those beautiful eyes of his, and really heartening at that!

#16 Lance

Approval Rating (M): 2/5
Approval Rating (F): 4/5


  • I love his support conversation with Clarine. It’s my ideal knight and princess type of relationship. I liked the deep complexity involved with him being an outsider. He was also a lot stronger than the others.
  • I fell in love with how he goes about handling Clarine.
  • He’s a little mysterious.
  • Whenever I was like, “Oh no! [I’m in trouble!]” he would always come to my rescue.
  • Lance is a serious character but had his occasionally cute moments too. Hehe
  • I could sympathize with how he would be chastised for being an outsider.
  • He’s handsome, strong, and sincere. A model knight.
  • Met my expectations as one of the pair of knights that come with the main character. He stays cool no matter what, which is the best.
  • His seriousness for one, but becomes twice as likeable when paired with Alen!
  • Sooooo strong and handsome.
  • I like his overly serious nature.
  • He’s the commander of my raid corps!!
  • He died for me way earlier on, so I didn’t realize how useful he was after a bit of training…
  • His speed is really high, so he’d always end up dodging for me when I thought he’d get hurt instead.
  • I love his loyalty.
  • He’s handsome, and the best kind of outsider!

#17 Alen

Approval Rating (M): 3/5
Approval Rating (F): 3/5


  • After 28 run-throughs I think he’s the strongest character there is.
  • Ever since Cain, I’ve liked the red cavaliers. I love his type of character!
  • He’s totally oblivious to Thea’s feelings in his A support with her—he’s a PURE BOY.
  • I love his support with Lance –both fellow cavaliers of Pherae!
  • His plain and direct words toward Lance were very touching. He really thinks greatly of his close friends, and I loved that.
  • He comes off as a simplistic belligerent buffoon at first, but the truth is, he thinks a lot about his fellow soldiers, which is great!
  • He’s a hot blooded guy, to say the least!! A constant ace in my army.
  • He became a lot stronger after some training compared to when you first get him, and I liked his support conversation with Thea.
  • His personality mainly. His support conversations had great moments too!
  • He’s the good old cavalier.
  • He’s honest, yes, but that reckless and thickheaded side of him is the best!
  • He’s hot blooded, but not a total idiot which was good. His conversation with Thea was charming.
  • I liked both his enthusiasm and honesty. I wanted to support him.
  • Daring, reckless, and simple –three important conditions (?) to being the fiery character! I love him!
  • His moments of sincerity are great!
  • He’s fiery!

#18 Narcian


Approval Rating (M): 4/5
Approval Rating (F): 2/5


  • His “I’m the most____ there is, I’m the most ____there is!” manner of speaking. Yup, he’s a villain!
  • …I like this kind of character. Relatively.
  • A very amusing narcissist for sure. (lol)
  • He plays that (dumb) villain role rather splendidly…He left a rather large impression…for a turkey.* (lol)
  • He’s such an incompetent fool that I just can’t help but cry for him…
  • I like him –as a bad guy! I like his theme song too! The way he has his hand on his chest is so sexy, too!!
  • Narcian brought back memories of Kempf with that distasteful attitude of his—though I still couldn’t help but laugh.
  • He’s the best small-time villain that you just can’t hate! I was pleasantly surprised he could be used on the Trial Maps!
  • Narcian’s theme song and general conduct was really amusing. (lol)
  • His dialogue is amusing, to say the least –especially in the scenes where he gets flustered.
  • [‘Cause] he’s an idiot…?
  • He’s a greenhorn from a noble family simply riding off his parents’ fame…and yet tries so hard to be dominating, so cute! hehe
  • The more he’s stirred up, the more he repeats his dialogue. The more he does that, the more and more he fails. But I like Narcian. I like him more than anyone else…more than anyone else!!
  • I like his appearance, and I like his smile. It suits him. (lol)
  • He’s a villain, so he’s allowed to have that type of face and warped personality!!
  • You may be bungling, foolish, and a turkey*, but I still love you!
  • Why, he’s the smartest, most beautiful, and strongest character of them all! (lol)

*Both are a reference to the line Clarine says:

あなたなんか お兄さまと比べればお月さまとスッポンですわよ!

The fan translation translated it as: “Comparing you and my brother is like comparing a turkey to a peacock!” Not a literal translation, but an equivalent phrase. Literally, it could mean she was comparing the beauty of the moon (her brother) to a turtle (Narcian), but she was also likely referencing an idiom 月とすっぽん, which is used to mean. “like the difference between heaven and hell.”  I went with the fan translation for consistency.

#19 Sue

Approval Rating (M): 3/5
Approval Rating (F): 3/5


  • She has an exotic charm to her. Haha
  • She’s manly (meant in many different ways…)
  • I really loved her level-headedness and strong will. I like the people of Sacae the best!
  • She’s strong, and is a very intriguing girl as seen in her support conversation with Roy. Haha
  • Her strong conviction and kindness make for a wonderful character.
  • I really like her relaxed nature, and she’s cute. ♩
  • I have a classmate with the same name.
  • Ever since I met her, she would repeatedly give me a better impression of mounted units.
  • She has a mysterious air about her.
  • She has an impressive “aura” about her. And she’s really strong too, so I love her!
  • I like the way her name sounds and the peculiar air she has about her.
  • She looks both beautiful and cool in her arrow-firing pose.
  • I like nomadic people.
  • She’s so gallant!

#20 Chad


Approval Rating (M): 2/5
Approval Rating (F): 4/5


  • I fell in love with just one look at his character artwork. I like his kind personality.
  • He’s so cool because he’s a thief (?) I like his personality too.
  • He’s tiny and cute.
  • He’s a little mischievous, but has moments where he’s quite considerate as well. Also he’s cute, and pretty cool.
  • His forehead is supreme.
  • A little known secret: he’s pretty strong… and helped me countless times in all my thieving needs. (lol)
  • Despite being so young, he’s really gentle and cares deeply for his allies, which is nice.
  • He and Lugh make an awfully fine pair ♩ (lol)
  • When it comes to the murdered Father of the orphanage, he shows an extraordinary amount of emotion!!
  • When I first started Binding Blade, he was my strongest character… so he made me think that thieves were the strongest units in the FE games as a result. (lol…sigh)
  • His high speed and evasion was appealing, and his rapid growth makes him very useful for the early game. Despite being a thief, he’s gentle and sympathetic –which was yet another charming aspect of his character.
  • He’s a lot like me!!
  • That good feeling when he’d dodge in battle.

#21 Karel


Approval Rating (M): 4/5
Approval Rating (F): 2/5


  • What the heck happened in those 20 years…?! I mean he was wonderful as the Sword Demon, but now he’s cooler than ever. Especially those lines around his eyes.
  • He looks like Aragorn.
  • He says nice things.
  • That sheer power!! The “Sword Saint” moniker isn’t just for show!!
  • The strongest character there ever was! I like how different his personality is from
  • I fell in love with him at first sight. He’s wonderful and his strength is deserving of the name “Sword Saint.”
  • He’s a man with quite a past!
  • He’s strong, especially for a man who claims to spend his retirement in meditation.
  • He strongest of the strong! In Blazing too, I just found myself liking him more and more. ☆
  • He’s a man who went from demonic carnage to being a saintly bodhisattva.
  • With such a friendly appearance, it’s hard to grasp that huge difference in his personality…
  • I like the daddy-sorts. Hehe
  • His life philosophy is great!
  • Kind, and DANDY! (lol)
  • He’s very reliable.
  • His younger self in Blazing Blade was also really cool! And he’s super strong!! There hasn’t been a character this awesome ever!!!

#22 Galle


Approval Rating (M): 4/5
Approval Rating (F): 2/5


  • COOL.
  • He’s cool! Handsome! And he can’t become an ally at all! That’s how cool he is!
  • He’s part of Bern, but has a sense of justice, too. Really cool.
  • His love story with Melady is so tragic, yet nice.
  • Although he’s the character I wanted to join the team the most, it was still fine that he couldn’t.
  • He stayed loyal to Bern to the end. So cool!!!
  • His way of life is that of a true knight.
  • His honor runs deep. Very nice!
  • His strength rivals that of the Thee Dragon Generals, yet he never flaunts it and is rather quiet –so cool!
  • He is the epitome of “honor”!
  • He’s the tragic Wyvern Lord.
  • I liked the sort of pleasant atmosphere when he’s with Melady.
  • He dedicated his life to Bern and served them to the end.

#23 Perceval


Approval Rating (M): 2/5
Approval Rating (F): 4/5


  • That rare chivalrous spirit, appearance, and well just about everything is the best, like how he’s fiercely loyal to his lord and kingdom, or his general disposition. I fell in love with him –he’s just so charming.
  • What a hunk! That’s my reason. Really. (lol)
  • The handsomeist!! I love himist!!
  • He’s the shining example of what a knight is.
  • Even though he’s a pre-promote, he’s still fairly useful. He’s also pretty darn good looking.
  • I was drawn to his loyalty to his prince.
  • So strong! So handsome! And that beautiful blonde hair (lol)!
  • I like those strong, mature men.
  • The best black knight!
  • His overly serious and taciturn nature.
  • He’s my favorite of all the male characters. Though he was rather…stiff when he first appeared haha. I was already fond of the black armor he is shown in his official artwork, too.
  • His beautiful looks, black armor, and diligence left a hole in my heart that needed to be filled.
  • His tacit and expressionless nature.
  • The way he calmly address Cecilia among other things shows a kinder side to him hehe. So I like him!
  • The strongest of the Three Generals.

#24 Cecilia

Approval Rating (M): 4/5
Approval Rating (F): 2/5


  • I like Valkyries –and because my mother went to a university named Cecilia University. (lol)
  • She’s the big sister type of character. Though she’s a Mage General, she has rather weak stats when she first appears.
  • She’s the beautiful big-sister-type coach I love!
  • Even though she’s not as strong as I hoped, that’s totally fine!
  • She’s my honorable teacher who was defeated and taken captive by Zephiel.
  • She’s a high ranking noble…I guess?
  • Every bit of her character makes it apparent that the title “Mage General” fits her well. I found her presence as the tactician to Roy’s army to be especially important. When it came to her strength, with a bit of perseverance, she can be made to get proper revenge upon Narcian and Zephiel, too.
  • She’s a beautiful, attractive big sister. ♩
  • The way she gracefully fights…and her ending where she marries Roy.
  • She has the most elegant air about her. I can’t say she’s a character I actually used though…
  • She’s a reliable big sister. …I refuse to call her useless in battle! (lol)
  • She seems reliable, but in truth is a big sister who is good for absolutely nothing. Still, she’s dreamy.
  • Composed adults are wonderful adults.
  • She has the kind of air to her that I like. Like where she’d stand in one place and flowers would fly all around her. Haha

#25 Ogier

Approval Rating (M): 4/5
Approval Rating (F): 2/5


  • I liked him enough to use in both Hard and Normal modes.
  • Good looking, and more importantly, strong! Clearly the one meant to inherit Durandal.
  • I like his earnestness.
  • The way he could unexpectedly take on the enemy Wyverns out on the field. His pure strength was a huge appeal.
  • His diligence and good looks are one thing, but the way he cares deeply for and thinks often of his family as well. He’s a good guy.
  • The way he gets a little awkward in his support conversation with Lilina is cute.
  • His strength would always see him as part of my main force (whether he likes it or not).
  • He’s humble in the way he talks and garners a lot of sympathy.
  • He isn’t the main character of the game –but he sure could be.
  • Mainly because he’s “the Little Hero.” Hehe
  • Probably because he’s such an honest and kind young man. I like his support conversation with Lilina.
  • His simple appearance and honest personality. He’s so cute, I can’t help it.
  • He’s simple, yet beautiful.
  • He quickly covered for my incompetence.
  • His modest personality and general demeanor.

#26 Eliwood

Approval Rating (M): 4/5
Approval Rating (F): 2/5


  • I grew to know him well from 20 years ago. Age is no issue here.
  • He’s attractive, and I liked Eliwood in Blazing Blade.
  • He’s quite an attractive middle-aged man.
  • I like him and Hector both. They’re lovely even when aged.
  • The way his hair has greyed…
  • His face is that of a gentleman.
  • He’s the main character’s father, and just has this nice air about him.
  • He’s an attractive gentleman.
  • Both in the past and now, he remains handsome!
  • I’ve loved him since the prequel, and no matter how many years go by, I WILL LOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEeeeee~~~!
  • He’s the kindly father figure
  • The kind papa ♩ Despite his illness he still seems to be able to tend to his duties.
  • When you consider Blazing Blade, he’s been through a lot of drama.
  • He left that big of an impression in Blazing Blade.

#27 Melady

Approval Rating (M): 4/5
Approval Rating (F): 2/5


  • Her deep loyalty to Princess Guinevere and pride as a knight really moved me.
  • I love her conversations with Galle! I want her to be happy after all the fighting is over.
  • She’s super kind, and feels very dependable.
  • To put it simply… she’s so pretty, yet rides a Wyvern, so I found that contrast to be fun.
  • She’s strong as a Wyvern Lord! So cool! So beautiful! All three requisites met!
  • She’s invincible as a Wyvern Lord! Also miniskirt!!
  • She’s the one I wanted to be happiest…!! With Galle, of course! v_v
  • She has deep loyalty as a knight and a beautiful face.
  • She’s strong!! The strongest!! I used her from when she first appeared through to the end!
  • She’s strong, pretty, and caught up in quite the drama…
  • She’s sexy.
  • She’s a devoted person.
  • I accidentally finished off her younger brother so didn’t see the true ending.
  • If only my actual big sis was like her… I’m really jealous of Zeiss.
  • Her strength despite her beauty, and loyalty to her lord is incredibly captivating.

#28 Gwendolyn


Approval Rating (M): 5/5
Approval Rating (F): 1/5


  • Her attack animation (especially with an axe) was great.
  • You became so strong as a General, Gwendolyn.
  • She’s so cute, and became unrivaled once she class-changed. ♩
  • She’s an A-class Knight who is by no means lacking!
  • She murdered many for me.
  • I like her piercing gaze –you can sense the strong volition behind them.
  • Evasion, defense, and her beauty are the best!
  • She’s tough! She’s powerful! She’s cute! My three requirements fulfilled.
  • She’s weak (but lovable) + she looks nothing like her brother (lol)
  • A female Knight! Awesome!!
  • I like how she gives it her all as an armored Knight despite being a girl.
  • She’s really serious. Her support conversation with Astolfo is nice, too.
  • I fell in love with how she’s a speedy armored unit.
  • The only female Knight in the story, and trains hard to be so. That kind of girl is cool.
  • A female armored Knight! (・∀・)Great!!

#29 Zephiel


Approval Rating (M): 5/5
Approval Rating (F): 1/5


  • He is the embodiment of Military Rule.
  • That Eckesachs is so cool!
  • Without him, there wouldn’t have been a story to enjoy!
  • I just like…feel so bad for him.
  • Love him –his sorrowful coolness was addictive.
  • He looks amazing spinning around like that!!
  • Strong and cool! His personality as a child was nice too.
  • He looks cool brandishing that sword of his.
  • He stuck to his beliefs to the very end!
  • He made me realize how much people can change over the years. And I thought that Eckesachs was amazing.
  • I found Zephiel to be an honorable man who stuck to the dream he envisioned –even if it made him disconnect from his own humanity.
  • When I learned his childhood story, the utter despair brought me to tears.
  • His battle theme, attack and critical animation are the coolest things ever! I think it’d be really cool if he appears in the next Smash Bros. or something.
  • The difference between him here and Blazing Blade is just saddening.

#30 Trec

Approval Rating (M): 5/5
Approval Rating (F): 1/5


  • His carefree nature got my vote.
  • He’s a character that does things at his own pace no matter where he is, and with great patience and perseverance in training him, can become a useful unit on the front line.
  • I like that sodden (??) look to him.
  • I find his kind of character amusing.
  • I like the funny-man kind of vibe to him……even though I didn’t use him in battle at all.
  • I like the really easygoing air he has about him. I wonder if I should try raising him to the max someday…
  • The way he does things at his own pace. He’s pretty soft isn’t he? Yet he’s strong.
  • His face just looks so lacking in motivation, and his personality is like a guy who’s reached his own enlightenment, which was the best.
  • His lack of motivation is great!
  • I like Trec. He doesn’t seem to think about much and just kind of goes with the flow… he doesn’t really reveal his thoughts on things, but shows he has a kind heart.
  • The way he’s carefree to the point he seems to sleep on the battlefield and stuff was fun.
  • I was moved by his humanity. He doesn’t think too deeply on things which is nice.
  • That “Spring came to Ilia” moment from his dream journal is nice…
  • He’s refreshing. Even though he basically does nothing, he occasionally says some very deep, moving things.

#31 Geese

  • Hurray for chivalrous thieves. It was exciting to see his manly figure swinging that axe around with such ease.
  • His physical strength is nice, but also the way he deeply cares for his brothers at sea!

#32 Saul


  • His dialogue exchanges with Dorothy are fun!
  • He comes off as a silly womanizer –but is actually quite clever. His bonding with Master Yoder is wonderful.

#33 Larum


  • Those hair buns are GOOD!
  • That Special Stamina Lunch…

#34 Echidna


  • Fell in love with her from first sight! Her maternal side is great hehe
  • She’s a female Hero! So cool! I did three play-throughs just for her.

#35 Klein


  • He has a good personality despite being a blueblood!

#36 Elen


  • She’s refined and ladylike. Hehe
  • She defines “holy woman.”

#37 Brunnya


  • She’s beautiful…wonderful…and short-lived…
  • She was fiercely loyal to the end, I think it brought tears to my eyes…

#38 Marcus


  • He’s the reliable uncle of the early game.
  • He’s an elderly soldier who refuses to die.

#39 Noah


  • I love his support conversations with Fir. My best man.
  • I like his carefree attitude toward things.

#40 Sin


  • His earnest desire to protect Sue, and since I like the Sacae types.
  • His slender eyes.

#41 Cath


  • That prominent forehead is so cute.
  • Her pick-pocketing skills and way of manipulating adults –as expected of a thief!

#42 Dorothy


  • Her upfront personality is cute. Her constitution being larger than the other girls is also a charming point. (lol)
  • She and Saul make for a really funny pair.

#43 Bartre


  • He’s deeply compassionate, and very fatherly.
  • Nobody defines “hero” like this guy does!

#44 Elffin


  • That bird singing on his shoulder!
  • I fell in love with his very existence.
  • His timbre calms my heart! (SO MUCH)

#45 Hector


  • He fought a final battle truly fitting of the title: “Lord of the Alliance.” So manly…!!
  • That beard is nice.

#46 Gonzalez


  • His very existence, dialogue exchange with Lilina, and his epilogue were all very moving.
  • He was the axe user that got me to the end! You of all people, even more than those in Ostia, deserve to wield Armads! It’s YOUR axe!!
  • His class is nice, as is his kindness.

#47 Anna


  • Whenever I’d save game, her smile would soothe me.
  • She looks the best!

#48 Juno


  • She’s sweet, wonderful, and tolerant. All personality traits fitting of a woman known as the “Flower of Ilia.”
  • Something about her being a Pegasus Knight and married to someone else struck a chord with me. (lol)
  • She’s surrounded by an extremely warm aura that I find attractive. Lord Zelot must be really happy, huh.

#49 Murdock


  • Elegance…pure elegance.
  • He’s a true man of war. And, very strong.

#50 Merlinus


  • After spending countless hours leveling him up to 20, let’s just say my emotional attachment to him is on a whole different level.
  • He’s invincible.

#51 Jahn


  • He’s plain and frank. An interesting villain. His death dialogue is great.

#52 Igrene


  • She’s beautiful and gallant in both mind and body. Her occasional transience is also wonderful.

#53 Bors


  • Isn’t he just the kindest big bro?

#54 Kel


  • This is living by the sword.

#55 Orlo


  • Loyal to the end, this one.

#56 Ein


  • He was strong in the manga, but not so much in the game. That difference was amusing.

#57 Douglas


  • The biggest of the big shots!! We need you here with the way Japan is right now, sir!!

#58 Lot


  • His personality and appearance is a lot like mine. So I couldn’t think of anyone else.

#59 Niime


  • I like the granny type of characters. Being a dark magic user also helps.

#60 Yoder


  • He has a kindly face.

#61 Garret


  • What a wonderfully bald head!*

*Literally, スキンヘッド (skinhead). It’s unlikely they were aiming for the English connotation and thus was translated accordingly.

#62 Barthe


  • A hardworking soldier who seems distant to romance. His cool stoicism is so charming hehe

#63 Wade


  • He’s macho!

#64 Zelot


  • So elegant. He becomes King of a country, the dream of every man such as he.

#65 Rose


  • I wasn’t sure whether to pick Rose or Maggie, they both have such beautiful names.

#66 Guinivere


  • She fulfills the three criteria: she’s strong, intelligent, and beautiful.

#67 Windham


  • What a tricky guy, huh? lol

#68 Maggie


  • That face.

#69 Leygance


  • He was good as a minor villain. If only he appeared in Blazing Blade as well.

#70 Scott


  • He’s cool.

#71 Henning


  • He’s so strong I wanted him as an ally.

#72 Erik


  • It was a way to commemorate the fact that even he has an entry on this list.

#73 Rude


  • He had all the makings of a last boss, especially considering this poll actually lacks the last boss…lol…

#74 Raith


  • The side burns and chins on this guy.

#75 Astolfo


  • His love for drink, his strong sense of duty, and how he defies expectations. He has so many different facets to him. A cool uncle.

#76 Sigune


  • Take a look at her conversations with Shanna and Thea.

#77 Monke


  • That chiseled face and stylish bandanna? Those piercings too, and that he’s a nomadic trooper. Oh and let’s not forget his parting words, in their full elegance and glory: “..! How could you defeat us…? My trap…was…perfect…” ☆

#78 Damas


  • What a pretty beard…

#79 Slater


  • What a fleeting existence he has.

#80 Ohtz


  • His sprite is reused.

General Notes:

  • The website commentary take priority over book. There are some crossover comments which will not repeat. Once the website comments are done, the book ones are posted in order right after. There is no apparent differentiation between comments, but the original document I compiled has these highlighted in case anyone is interested.
  • All official FE6 localized names that were used on the FEH CYL poll are used. The ones that did not receive an official name I use the popular fan translation list of names simply out of consistency.
    • CYL 2 is not used for comparison purposes, as I felt CYL1 would be sufficient and more of an accurate take (before FEH factors were taken into consideration, among other things).
  • The book or site never mention the overall number of votes, simply the percentages. One can assume if each comment for a character was one vote, however, then there were at least as many as there are comments. Keep in mind these are not likely all the comments they had received.
  • Quoted lines from both games use the officially localized equivalent (FE7) or fan translation (FE6) lines.
  • The formatting of “Because…” is translated from 理由 (riyuu) which means “Reasons…” I format this as “Because…” as the comments are all phrased as answers to the question of “Why?” So please read them that way.
  • The polls were likely conducted together, as comments often reference each other’s games.
  • I try to give context clues/links wherever I can to help inform readers of more obscure or potentially confusing comments. There are notes included for such, too.
  • All characters should be searchable on the FE Wiki(s) with the names given below. The commenters talk about things from their in-game portraits to their official artwork and support conversations. If confused about a comment, please research the character for appropriate context.
  • There are a lot of instances of かっこいい (kakkoii) which can mean either “handsome” or “cool” depending on context. So if you see it pop up a lot feel free to use these interchangeably. There was a complex method I used to approach it but I won’t bore you with the details.
  • Words like “fleeting” and “ephemeral” come from 儚い (hakanai) which is meant to give off this feeling of “beauty that is of the moment.” It can also mean fickle, and transient (like Igrene’s case), among other things.
  • WordPress is a little wonky. When pasting in my results from a .DOC file I noticed some lines were missing random words, or that random lines were missing. I tried my best to fill in and fix these gaps, but if you see issues let me know.

And that’s that! Several weeks of work and 49 pages in MS Word to make this post. I hope this serves as a fun reference for fans, and I hope to continue to do things in the future to better show Japanese fan opinions among other things!

What are some of your favorite comments? I’d love to hear!

It also shows how far Lot and Dorcas really came probably thanks to western fans, huh?


4 thoughts on “FE6/7: Complete Character Poll Results and Comment Translations (2004)

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  2. What in the world does Daddy Dandy mean!?? x’D
    Is this lingo that I’m slow on the uptake of, or is this JP slang??

    Also, funny how many of them say Daddy. Do they use the English, or a Japanese word? It’s funny how universal that’s become, either way, lol.

    Thanks for sharing all this!

    • I had fun with that one. They use Dandy (in katakana but otherwise the English word) in several instances. I was going to make a pun like DA(N)DDY but decided to use what you see. xD There was no explicit reference to dad in his case, but considering the character, it felt it may naturally express the intent.

      They usually use words like papa and mama rather than mommy and daddy, so I mixed it up as I saw fit to avoid repetition : ) while those are English words too, they are used with a much more childish connotation to them in Japanese. Hope that helps!

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