Lilina’s spirit is represented by Palutena in Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Today is a quick post that isn’t really a comparison or anything, just a curiosity.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there is a system of spirits that inhabit different fighters that you rescue them from. This is a fun way to get even more characters in a game by getting similar characters and quirks in on a character that best represents them, for a lack of better words. (This is not the exact intention/statement as given by anyone, just a summarized observation).

Anyway, for fans of these characters who are familiar with their original source games, you get a lot of fun nods that others may not get.

One particular favorite of mine is L’Arachel’s spirit, for instance. She inhabits female Robin –and with her are two other allies: Wario and Sheik.

Fans can already get why the other two are even here. They represent Dozla and Rennac! It’s much like how Awakening‘s bonus box fights featured classes that were meant to represent other characters that traveled together.

Another instance is how Ninian is represented by Palutena, and with her is Roy (likely to be Eliwood):

There are many more, but as a final example, which I unfortunately neglected to take a screen shot of, was that Wrys was inhabiting Kirby. I suppose they went all out on his baldness.

So I started to wonder if Lilina is around. I figured the Zelda (of the A Link to the Past look) would be a good candidate for her.

A Japanese friend posted this when they found it:

I was pretty surprised! Since I fully expected Lilina to actually be inhabiting Zelda rather than Palutena. The fire affinity/ability, the manner of dress, the red alt, body structure, and status as a Princess seemed pretty fitting in my head! So this was especially interesting. I wonder why they went with Palutena?

One guess, due to her staff, is that perhaps it was to reflect Lilina’s sage look –where she has the long white dress and can wield a staff as well. I’m sure there are other reasons.

Outfit as seen here. Also drawn by said friend who presented the screen shot to me. Please follow them on twitter!

So for fun I drew a quick oekaki (pixel sketch) of Lilina in one of Zelda’s victory poses, just because it was fun to imagine.

When I get through the game, I’d love to write a post that has every single fun FE nod through the spirits (I’m sure the wikis will do that already, but still).

Just to be clear –this isn’t a complaint or anything. I just thought it was odd!

What do you all think of the game so far? Please avoid any World of Light spoilers if you can. Who are you playing as? Main? All that good stuff. Last game I would mostly play as Lucina, but this time I’m prioritizing Zelda for the above, hehe.


6 thoughts on “Lilina’s spirit is represented by Palutena in Smash Bros. Ultimate?

  1. I’ve noticed that, too. The spirit battles in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reminded me very much of the Einherjar fights in Fire Emblem Awakening for this same reason.

    Of course, I’m thrilled and very happy at the same time that Karel made it to the latest Super Smash Bros. in some form. He is one of my favorite characters, and his development going from the vicious “Sword Demon” to the enlightened “Sword Saint” is easily one of the best character arcs in the whole Fire Emblem series. I was not too surprised to see him appear as a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because he has probably been in more games than most other supporting characters in the series, being one of the few who appeared in both FE7 and FE6. His spirit battle was also a piece of cake; He’s represented by Chrom and fights alone. I managed to win that battle easily, and now I’ve gotten the spirit to add to my collection.

    • That was the name! Einherjar, I was trying to remember. Yes just like that.

      I’ve been documenting all the Fire Emblem ones as I go along so I can post them all up later! I’m happy to hear Karel made it too, though I’m surprised they went with Chrom instead of Marth in his case, as Marth is much more on the speedy side of things!

      Karel is always nice to do articles on, as you may have read already : )

  2. It’s amazing to see so many references to other games. I’m still slowly trekking through the game and randomly playing the other modes so haven’t found too many references yet.

    For Palutena, I’m guessing she was chosen because her fire based special attacks. The stream of fireballs that she launches fits Lilina’s image fairly well I think.

  3. If you have the Tiki or Alm / Celica Amiibos, be sure to scan them in the game. You’ll get a primary spirit card for Tiki and Alm + Celica. Both cards start out as their “young” versions, but can be upgraded at level 99 to their stronger adult versions.

    I’ve only played about 4-5 hours of World of Light, so far for FE characters I’ve encountered secondary support cards for Sakura, Lissa, and Julius (?!). Sakura’s secondary spirit card provides immunity against poison, which is useful for some stages that have poison pits.

    Didn’t know that Lilina’s spirit is in the game. Pretty sure daddy Hector is lurking somewhere too!

    • I think we’re around the same place, since I ran into those spirits too. Sakura has been useful! I do not have those amiibo with me at the moment, but I’ll keep that in mind! Thanks for the tip.

      I haven’t encountered Lilina myself, so that will be fun! I was hoping she was since Roy is though. Hector being around would be all the more fun, too!

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