Fire Emblem Heroes: Life of Heroes Character Artwork

I scanned and uploaded all the special character artwork/bios from the Fire Emblem Heroes: Life of Heroes character book and manga.

You can buy a physical copy here!

All are also viewable in an imgur gallery. If sharing, please link back to the blog in some way.

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15 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes: Life of Heroes Character Artwork

  1. A lot of thanks for your hard work, Kantopia. I usually take care of the FEH manga in MangaDex and your work saves our hides more often than not. (I hope that the amount of reference MD lets us is to your liking)

    By the Way, I have to ask, these pages are between the chapters or on a separate section? My copy is on the way, so I can’t see it yet…

    • I’m happy to help where I can! I haven’t actually seen how mangadex references but I’m sure it’s fine. : )

      These pages are split across three different sections between chapters. Each page has a unique character comic with it, which I translated on a different page.

      Hope that helps!

      • Well, frak. I wonder how will I upload it…
        Oh, and speaking of MD: the system it uses is that’s mandatory every and all uploads of chapters have a registrered translation group assigned to them. Those gour’s have sections which have their sourcepage, discord ir they have, IRC, etc…
        That includes Kantopia, of course:

        • Oh I see! Thanks for sharing that with me!

          And yes, the page numbers in the book don’t line up with the order comics were released online either, so it might be difficult…

  2. could you translate the text on the pages at some point? obviously i can figure out some stuff, but the “profile” sections at the bottom of each page seem interesting!

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  4. Got my copy today. Very happy that my favourite strips (Rocker Azura, Florina and Nina/Soleil, Tharja’s curse letter) made it in. I wonder if there will be a future Part 2 compilation, the book stops at Kiran and Noire and the weekly comics are still ongoing.

    • I think all the comics up to two weeks ago are in, though not in the same order they were released!

      It’s a shame, I was hoping the comic would end… xD But yeah, let’s see how things go!

  5. These are great; fjorm and Al are probably the most beautiful. I can’t believe there’s even Henrietta! Can’t wait to see more of her. Hopefully she won’t follow the FE curse.

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