FE Three Houses Localization: “I’m bappy too” [JPN vs ENG]

Spoiler warning: This article involves info about a late game support conversation Three Houses.

Today’s post comes from personal curiosity!

It involves a simple line in Lysithea and Cyril’s A Support conversation, so let’s take a look!

For context, Lysithea has been teaching Cyril how to read and write the past few conversations. As he improves, he eventually writes her a letter to express his thanks. It’s a heartfelt letter, but when he expresses how he is “happy,” he instead writes “bappy” in English.

She finds it all heartwarming regardless, and when she is trying to express her feelings on the matter to him afterward, she expresses herself by repeating his misspelling of “happy.”

What I’m trying to say is, “I’m bappy too.”

So I wondered what the Japanese was like. It’s actually pretty straightforward:

Japanese Lit. Translation Official Localization
だから、わたしも「しわあせ」ってこと! What I mean is, I’m also “shiwaase”! What I’m trying to say is, “I’m bappy too.”

I kept the above’s literal translation of the word in Japanese in this particular case to show what was going on.

The Japanese word for happiness in this case is typically shiawase (しあわせ). Even non-Japanese readers above can see there is a typo in the Japanese side. The second and third characters are swapped around with the one I presented here. So, shi-a-wa-se would have been read as shi-wa-a-se.

So going from “happy” to “bappy” conveyed both the original word/emotion’s meaning while also humorously preserving the typo, it seems!

After Lysithea says the above, he’s confused at what she just said, so likely did not realize he made that spelling error, and hearing the resulting word out loud makes him more confused.

This was a straightforward case, but I hope it answers the question for anyone else who was curious!

Infographic Summary:

I’m taking requests to look into various supports and such in Three Houses, as there are a lot of fun localization things to look into here and there, so let me know if there is a fun tidbit you may want me to look into!


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