FE Heroes: “Life of Heroes” (Page 96) Translation

A translation of Page 96 of the official Fire Emblem Heroes comic. See all the chapters thus far on the compilation post here!


Page 96 (9/24)

The raw/original can be seen here.


For those curious, the joke in Japanese was:

英雄とも ええ友になれるさ

(えいゆう とも ええゆう に なれるさ
(eiyuu tomo eeyuu ni narerusa)

Literally, it would be “You can be good friends with Heroes!”

I provided the romaji so you can see where the pun is. “Eiyuu” and “eeyuu” are read the same way, the first meaning “Hero” and the second meaning “good friend.” The Japanese also provides the kanji for “Heroes” in parenthesis next to the “good friend” reading to cue the reader in just to ensure the meaning/reading was indeed discerned correctly.

I decided to go Hero-Peero for a more rhyming lameness that would carry that intent forward.

No TN’s this time, comic!

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