7 Years of Kantopia

This blog has now been around for 7 years as of today. Can you believe it?

While I stopped doing my daily uploads awhile ago, I’m still enjoying every looking into trivial matters and comparisons as they come.

There are still some bigger projects I’m working on translating in the background (hint: more FE 4koma), so please look forward to those once they’re ready.

Thank you to everyone who reads and shares the super trivial articles from this blog! Here’s to 7 more years!


13 thoughts on “7 Years of Kantopia

  1. Hi!

    I just found out your website by chance while digging on the internet for some sweet fire emblem artbooks (did not have much luck) and wow, just wow. The amount of passion and work put together in this blog is admirable.

    I thoroughly hope you continue on it and would even ask for some stuff, I’m that hungry for good Fire Emblem content. In fact, thanks to you I’m gonna try Fire Emblem Visions.

    Congratulations for the 7 years and wish you the bets for another 7 at least 😀

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! (Sorry about the super late reply). I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t got to really make any more articles that I really love… I really hope to get more time sometime!

  2. Hey, I just found your blog by chance and I gotta say I’m mighty impressed about the damn fine work you’ve been doing over the years regarding FE localization/TLs.

    The way you put apart small details to analyze them thoroughly makes for really interesting and entertaining reads.

    I can’t say much more other than thanks for all your efforts this far and I hope we still get to have you around for analyzing the localization of future releases.

    • Hey there, really happy you dropped by totally by chance : ) It really warms me that at least one person out there is reading and enjoying this. I wish I had more time these days to look into a bunch of other fun stuff but alas…

  3. I only just discovered this blog yesterday while looking into mr. KSSSSCCCH from Path of Radiance, I feel so lucky I have seven whole years of stuff to go through. Thank you for your hard work!

    • Thank you for the awesome comment. Posts like this really make my day : ) I hope you enjoy reading! I still have a lot more I want to look into, just need the time…! If you come up with any ideas or points of interest, I can add them to my backlog. Enjoy!

    • There’s plenty from older games! But the two that intrigued me are 4Koma on Binding Blade that I really want to get out there. Just need to find the time… I forgot how intensive scanning, cleaning, translating, and typesetting actually takes…

      • Interesting… If it’s true that there is 4koma of the older games, I would love to see them translated. The novelizations and the 20th anniversary encyclopedia getting translated would also be a treat to see, if you haven’t already.

        • The biggest problem is just time so far… I really wish I had the same amount of time I did before… slowly though I want to get through it and post it when it’s all ready!

          I own the novelizations of FE7 and 8, so those may be another long term project. The 20th anniversary book is HUGE so would take me quite a long time… but I have translated excerpts of info from it. : )

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