Happy 2022! Updates and a shout out!

Happy new year to those passing by. I hope your 2022 is filled with great times!


I only managed to write three small comparison articles in 2021 (none of which were FE), as well as my impressions of the FE fan game, Vision Quest… so not much happening here. Yet, I still see articles being shared or referenced regularly, which fills me with great joy. It makes me feel incredibly humbled.

Unfortunately, I don’t expect to be able to get back to writing these translations as regularly, which is a shame since my passion remains for looking at the JP side of FE and comparing fun little trivia bits. Alas, life has just kept me busy. But, busy in a great way. I am happily working my dream job, so while it prevents me from following my passion here, I’m not miserable or anything! So please don’t worry (well, that’s if you were worried at all. XD)

A quick shout out…

I was also both relieved and elated to find others out there who are carrying out fun comparison work, and even going so far as to translate the FE novels! I’m talking of course about Leif of Leonster Translations, who I want to give a quick shout out to.

The novels were a project I’ve always wanted to tackle since 2017, but just could not find the time. It really gives me great relief to see Leif going at it hard, having just completed the FE8 novel with plans to begin the FE7 novelization translation next. They also do comparison articles much like I do here across all sorts of FE games, producing consistent and quality work. I want to make sure they get recognized, as I imagine many people who read my articles would be interested in what they do over there too!

Find them on twitter or tumblr! Also check out a brief interview on SerenesForest with them here.

And with that, I wish you all a happy new year!


4 thoughts on “Happy 2022! Updates and a shout out!

  1. Happy (late) new year, Kan! You were one of my first experiences with translation deep-dives, and since then (almost 5 years I believe) I’ve worked on scanlation and I’m about to start applying for actual jobs at places like Yen Press. I’m glad you’re working your dream job! Is it in translation? If so, I’d love to ask you some questions (over email or twitter or whatnot) if you’re allowed to talk about it.
    Either way though, thank you for all the work you’ve done!

    • 久しぶり~! Really nice to hear from you!

      Always warming to hear how fellow learners are doing years on, especially things like this. That’s really awesome! Keep me posted on how your search goes.

      My job isn’t quite in translation but I do get to use Japanese on a daily basis, and work closely with a lot of translators. Feel free to send an email and I’ll answer the questions best I can, to the extent I can! : )

  2. This makes me sad because I share this passion, but I do not know Japanese or have the scripts 😦
    If you find the time I have something interesting to look into
    I saw this on L’Arachel’s page on one of the Fire Emblem wikis:
    “In the Japanese version of her B support with Ephraim, rather than showing her his scars, he tries to show her some recently-closed wounds he sustained in battle. After she kicks up a fuss and runs away, the wounds open up again, forcing him to tend to them.”
    Now I don’t know who keeps adding these things to the wikis and not sharing the details with the rest of us! But is this true? If it is I can totally see why they changed it! Not only is that rather gruesome, but what kind of useless medic runs away and leaves you to tend to your own wounds because the patient is too sexy…

    • Oh, wow. I had not heard of that! (And yeah, I wish there would be some kind of source just for all of our reference). I’ll add this to my to-do list! Thanks for bringing it up!

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