FE8 (Sacred Stones): Recreating character portraits with AI

This is a follow up to a prior post where I put the FE7 cast through an AI art generator to visualize how the sprites may look if ever remade.

So here is the same concept but with the FE8 cast instead. I hope to do the FE6 cast and end these posts with that.

Please note: This is all from Novel AI. I did not draw any of these pictures. They are all AI generated based on the original portrait sprites.

It took a bit of time, but I think worth it to kind of give FE fans a taste of what it might be like if there were ever to be some kind of remake someday?

As usual, it had the most trouble with some of the older male characters, especially those with facial hair. Any woman with prominent lips or made up lips it’d also overly doll-ify. It was certainly strange.

It wouldn’t be AI-generated without a few creepy or silly generations though. I’m posting them here for your amusement. Artur’s face is primarily in reaction to the others rather than being odd itself.

With this, there is just FE6 left to visualize. Perhaps after the next visualization, we can collectively commission true artists to remake these sprites!