Valkyria Chronicles 4 Completed! And Possible Localization Trivia Plans

This is just a milestone post on completing the latest game in one of my favorite series to 100%.

It took about 67 hours!

But for this blog, there was a ton of stuff going on between the original and the localization. From western movie references in the English version to all sorts of memes and trope names here and there (from arrow to the knee to Xanatos Gambit), I’m not actually sure where to begin on writing articles.

For other players who have played the game, though, feel free to leave a request of what interested you in English that you couldn’t help but wonder, “Just what was that in Japanese?”

I’ll bet it was changed quite a bit, as I observed listening in both languages. Still, it should be fun to look into.

I may also consider writing guides, such as a medal guide, or other tidbits people may find useful here and there.

Mia, Edward, Oekaki, Birthdays (not a translation/trivia post)

Today is just a brief post that isn’t really a translation/comparison/trivia post, so please feel free to ignore it. It’s a rare actual-blog/picture sharing post.

It’s a special friend’s birthday today! She reminds me of the Mia sort and often associates with her. At the same time, to celebrate my most recent Radiant Dawn clearing (and Mia being in first place as a result), today is a random post about Mia.

First I drew this oekaki style picture a few days ago, but wanted t post it here on the 28th to celebrate:

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Four Years of Kantopia!

Four years! Wow… I remember writing about the third year anniversary just…last year? Today I drew a new Lilina banner to celebrate:

This year was the first year that I didn’t do daily posts. I still managed to do weekend posting though, to which I’m happy, and, of course, when I had time, made sure to post in succession.

Accomplishments the last year include completion of the Tellius Recollection Volume 2: Radiant Dawn project! I’m very proud of how that turned out. The Shadows of Valentia 4Koma mini project was also a thing. The Valentia Accordion project is still underway, as is the ongoing Day in the Life of Heroes comics!

So there’s still quite a lot to get through. I gathered some nice books too, some Fire Emblem stuff that hasn’t been translated yet that I hope to get through when I get time! There were a few interviews here and there, as well as some more fun comparisons this year.

Speaking of comparisons, I finally got around to making a special page that lists all comparisons in one place. It serves as a neat hub. I wrote much more than I thought (especially about Fates!) WordPress has an inconvenient tag system on the right, so I hope this comes in handy for people who just want to read the comparisons and not dig through the rest.

I hope to add more special hub pages for things like interviews and trivia that was discovered in art books.

This post, by the way, is a little late too. It’s May 18th as of this writing, but the anniversary was actually April 3rd!

Thanks to all the readers who commented and shared my articles. It humbles me every time, and I really enjoy reading and replying to all your comments!

Here’s to the future!

Where is today’s FE Heroes comic? (Jan 3rd 2018)

There was no comic upload today. That’s because in Japan, December 29th through January 3rd is usually the New Year’s Holiday season, so offices and companies are often closed. That includes the people behind the comic.

I assume it will resume next week, on January 10th, however, and I will of course aim to translate it for you all as soon as possible!

Happy New Year! -2018-

Happy New Year!

Let’s welcome 2018. This post is a little late and is actually being written on January 9th as I was pretty busy around the New Year. I finally caught up on several weeks of missed posts, and hope to remain consistent once again from now on with weekend uploads.

Looking back at 2017, this site moved from the daily post to the weekend one due to finding full time work. I have a lot of material (such as 4komas) that I have gathered since then which may see me resume a daily schedule, but there are some changes that may be happening soon (looking for new work more relevant to my field) which may delay that slightly.

I’m very thankful that there are people who find the comparisons on this site worth reading, though, and others who like the comics and such that are posted here and there!

As always, please send any requests of things to look into when it comes to Japanese versus English. It brings me great joy to go on adventures with readers in search of trivia.

Let’s see how things look as this site reaches its fourth anniversary in April!


-Back to Weekend Posting!-

Quick announcement:

As you can probably tell from the slow down in posts, the free time has run out, so I’ll likely resume weekend posting. That doesn’t mean I won’t post over the weekdays when able, but it won’t be a guarantee.

I do hope to continue weekend posting, however!

[REBLOG] Fire Emblem PR Analysis – What is Fire Emblem? (Part 1)

Reblogging this nice article for today’s post as it gives a nice overlook of the series, as well as some personal insight from the writer. Please check the “view original post” at the bottom to head on over to the blog to read the full article!

Rachid's notes.

Back in February, I wrote a set of articles around Pokémon, this time I’ll write a 4 parts series focusing on a game series I like and find interesting: Fire Emblem.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Part I: What is Fire Emblem?
  • Part II: Differences between PR campaigns
  • Part III: Fire Emblem Fates/Echoes/Warriors/Heroes PR Numbers
  • Part IV: Conclusion

Important, please read:

  • I don’t pretend to know-it-all
  • For the whole analysis, I focused on the media relations part only, not influencers/bloggers/brand content/media buying/social networks etc. (Side note, if you are interested in PR, I’d suggest reading this: Read more about PESO Model here). 
  • I don’t have access to Nintendo/Intelligent Systems  “insider” information, meaning that most of my analysis is based on
    • What can be found on the Internet
    • Some PR Tools that I use
    • My thoughts
  • I used Nintendo of America PR efforts as a basis
  • I use this kind of…

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