Pokemon Card: Garchomp

Today’s Pokemon is Garchomp. The quality has been low on my digital edits recently due to low quality source material… but hopefully the translation still turned out okay.

The original Japanese card is first/on top. My edit/translation is second/bottom.

Garchomp1POPSeries9 Garchomp1POPSeries9Translated


Pokemon Card: Pikachu (X/Y 42)

Today’s Pokemon is Pikachu, again! This is specifically Pikachu (X/Y  42).

Japanese Card is top/first, my edit/translation is second/bottom. Card info can be found here.


I decided to add small notes this time just for those who are curious:

ほっぺすりすり (Hoppesurisuri) means to “rub a cheek against,” and so was appropriately localized as “nuzzle.”

でんこうせっか (denkousekka) literally means “lightning speed,” and so appropriately localized as “quick attack.”