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88 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey there, great work as always! I have a question, are you interested in translating info of Fire Emblem Warriors? Because there’s much information in Famitsu and I haven’t seen traductions of these magazine scans neither in your site nor the sites dedicated to news of Nintendo o.o

    • Thank you! I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time for much of my personal projects (which will change soon enough, I hope…), but am unfortunately not really too interested in that game…

      However, I did see NintendoEverything posted the scans from Famitsu, which usually means they have a translator working on getting the info out there too. It does take awhile, but I imagine it’ll appear over the next few days. : )

    • Some of those are a bit on the lengthier side, but the shorter ones I can probably handle easily for free. : ) I’ll let you know!

  2. Um, I’ve been reading your translations for a long time now and I don’t know if I’m doing this right, but I have something I’m hoping you could please translate. It’s a fire emblem fates comic if your wondering what it is.

  3. Hello there! If you have time and don’t mind, could you please translate pages 14 and 15 of the Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Comiket Staff Book? I’d really like to know what they say!

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this! And thank you for taking the time to read this.

    • No you posted fine, don’t worry : ) I did some work on that staff book before so when I get time I’ll happily look at those pages! It may take a few days to get around to it though, if that’s okay!

        • I really appreciate your patience : ) Still have the FE9 book and a few other requests to tackle and all that. A lot of work (done for free!) for sure, but rest assured I will get to it…eventually. xD

          • Hey, I asked YOU for a favor; it would be rude of me to put a time limit on it! Plus, you do so much for everyone by translating all that you do. The very least I can do is show you the proper respect. It’s a load off my mind just knowing that I’ll get to know what it says someday. I can wait as long as it takes. So again: thank you. And thank you for everything else that you do. It means a lot, really.

            • It is really reassuring to see comments as reasonable and kind as yours on the internet. It really makes all this work worth doing, while also painting a more positive impression of people of any fanbase. Your comments have meant as much to me as my work may have meant to you. : ) It is truly a satisfying experience to run into people like you.

              Ah, we could go on replying to each other forever, so I’ll try not to take too much more of your time with these comments, so will contact you again when I complete your request. : )

              • Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s sad how impatient and short tempered some people can be. …Especially here on the Internet.

                Honestly, at this point I don’t even care if you do translate it. This short exchange with you, and definitely your last comment here; have really made me happy. This whole thing has been worth it just to have been able to have this short exchange with you. So, thank you for that. And I’m glad for any positive feelings I could give you.

                And, yes: you’re right. I’ll stop after this to make sure that I don’t take up any more of your time either. You seem really nice though, and I’ve quite enjoyed this; so if you ever want to just chat sometime: I’d be more than happy to!

                Thank you again for taking the time to talk with me, and for the eventual translation of my request. It’s truly been a joy speaking with you.

                • I said I wouldn’t reply, but (xD)

                  Feel free to email me at the address above if you wish to continue to talk FE stuff or about other things and the like : ) I’d be more than happy to reply there when I can if you wish!

    • Another anthology…wow, it’s super popular in the comic verse huh? That’s interesting about the petition, but I am not sure who the petition is to and if they can even read it. xD

      • I know! Its like people must really enjoy playing Fire Emblem Fates? What next an Anime?

        If there another anthology that come out in December or November I will post the link to you.

        • I guess Fates has had the most wide appeal so far… or just the most manga/anime-esque storyline? I guess an anime wouldn’t be too out there huh?

          Sounds good! That would be a big help for future translation possibilities. : )

    • Hmm I would have to buy that and such, which makes it a bit harder to access. I’m not sure how long it is either… if you have any scans I may be willing to take a look though : )

  4. Hi! I’d like to send, to you, a copy of the Marth (from the 25th anniversary book) I colored. I didn’t intend to send it and simply keep it as personal trophy but, I also feel grateful for what you’ve done here in your blog! So if you wouldn’t mind, where can I send it? Of course you may post it if it’s worth being posted. Thanks!

  5. The voice acting group I’m apart of is hoping to dub some of the 4koma Fire Emblem Fates comics. Would you mind if we used your translated strips and reposted them on tumblr? We would, of course, be sure to link back to your full collection on your website in every post. If you say no, we completely understand, and I’m sorry if you already said “no reposting” somewhere and I missed it. Thank you for doing all this in your free time! I enjoyed reading all of the translations.

    • Sure! Please feel free to go ahead and do so : ) So long as you link back/give credit (as you said you would already) I have no problem. Have fun!

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, and am looking forward to seeing them voice acted. : )

    • I have not, I played the game a long time ago and have some vague familiarity with it. I might look into it if it isn’t too big of a project : )

    • I did! I translated a chapter or two there. I’ll have to see as I have a current book I’m translating, but I’ll keep it in mind for sure. Thanks for bringing it up!

  6. Hey there just wanted to say i appreciate this guide A LOT, i recently downloaded it off the japanese eshop and i’m about 22 hours into the hoshido arc. I got by somewhat with previous knowledge of Awakening, but, man oh man has this guide been my savior for stuff like my castle, dragon vein, story details, etc… so i wanted to thank you for your hard work and i hope you keep being awesome 🙂

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. : ) You’re most welcome and I intend to update the guide (even if slowly) and then maybe post it on gameFAQs in ASCII format (notepad) to see if that helps anyone, too!

      I am very glad this guide came in handy for you!

  7. Hi there! This feels really out of place with everyone else posting here, but oh well!
    I’m nominating you for the Liebster Award (check it you here: ). There’s no pressure to complete it if you don’t want to, though 🙂

    I’ve nominated you because you’ve got a lot of varied stuff on this blog, I like how you’re practising your Japanese, and your song translations means I get to listen to new songs!

    • Hey, thank you! I wasn’t sure if anyone was really reading the things I post aside from Denny there! I’ll be sure to do this if I get time, though I really lack imagination when it comes to forming questions… we’ll see how it goes.

    • A little hard to read, but here is the gist : )

      2 Dash Falcon Punch
      Unleashes a powerful, large punch, that is incredibly powerful and sends things flying.

      3 Lightning Falcon Kick
      Unleashes a lightning kick on opponents passing by, piercing through them even if it hits them.

    • Left: Character Info, History
      Two pictures = Taunts
      Bottom left = Alternate Outfits

      Top right:
      Moves to Look out for!
      -The side aerial (knee)
      -The down aerial (stomp)

      Special Up:
      Falcon Dive
      Side Special:
      Falcon Knuckle
      Neutral Special:
      Falcon Punch
      Downward Special:
      Falcon Kick

      Final Smash:
      Blue Falcon

      From what I read, all their descriptions/effects are the same as previous games. : )

  8. Hey! Have I got a submission for you.!

    Could you see if you can do anything with this? If any part of it, I’d want to know what the Captain Falcon page says, but to whole piece if possible would be godsend.

    I’m sure it’ll take you awhile but you’ve been a big help before so I just thought I’d throw this your way.

    • Hello again Aseeph,

      Several people have brought this to my attention, and I had spoken directly to the uploader, actually. : ) I was translating by request, due to what a heavy amount of stuff there is, so I will translate Captain Falcon for you, first. Though all these pages only detail special moves and some background info on the character, if that’s alright. : )

      I may go through the entire thing and write a text transcript, rather than the digital edit at first (just so people can get the information quicker).

      May take awhile though, as I’m just one person, if that’s alright!

            • Here is Captain Falcon’s full details (translated by a contact who was helping me out, their twitter is @HeatPhoenix):

              1, 2, 3 – “His trained body and poise are exactly that of a hero!” is the kind of atmosphere he has.
              4, 6, 8 – His flashy fire effects are still alive and well.
              5 – He can also be this cute when using items
              7 – He’s activating his final smash. He enters his beloved machine, the Blue Falcon, engulfed in flames.

              Gold-silver text:
              This time too the fist clad in flames growls!
              The fascinating supersonic speedster
              Captain Falcon!

              This racer has participated from the first smash bros. on, even in Smash Bros.’s battles he demonstrates his speedster-style. Again he will present us his exciting familiar exciting techniques.
              His Final Smash is the same as last time, the Blue Falcon. He gets on his beloved Blue Falcon and rams into the opponents.
              Compared to the previous Smash, you can see that his holster design and knee design and so forth have been changed.

              The games this character appears in?
              He’s a racer that makes it his goal to earn the first prize of the future race that is faster than sound, F-Zero. His favorite machine is the blue falcon. His has a gun on his waist but… (you know, Japan, he actually uses it in his bounty hunting exploits as seen in the F-Zero SNES manual. Sheesh.)
              There is also a game based on the anime. The Falcon Punch born from Smash Bros. is shown in the last episode of the anime.

              Jumping up, he explodes the enemies he touches. The FALCON DIVE.
              The ultra-strong finishing move. The FALCON PUNCH. He lets out a full body punch together with the flaming bird.

              The FALCON KICK is a rapid hurling kick move. Falcon’s moves are not a means to flight, intense martial arts are his forte.

  9. Hey! Me again. Sorry for the mooching but I was wondering if you could do anything with this. Not sure if it’s clear enough or not since I have no expertise in translating. It’s the Smash 3DS download card in Japan and reveals the back of the box art with it.

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