Lucky Star – “Sailor Suit and Machine Gun” Lyrics Translation

Today’s song is “Sailor Suit and Machine Gun” (セーラー服と機関銃 / Seeraa fuku to Kikanjuu) –a song from the movie of the same name, originally performed by Shiraishi Ryouko and was covered by Katou Emiri (Hiiragi Kagami) in Lucky Star.

The format:

This way, you can read them/know the meaning all together. Color code should help you keep track.


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Dangan Ronpa: Celestia Ludenberg Artbook Translation (4)

There may be spoilers for the game Dangan Ronpa. Please be wary.

From the more detailed artbook, this is a higher resolution scan. This is my translation of page 57 specifically from the book. I provide the transcripts below the image, as well as the original! Please provide a link back here if you use it is all I ask!


Read more for the English transcript, and the original Japanese image/transcript!

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