FE7 (Blazing Blade): Recreating character portraits with AI

I recently had an idea to put Lilina’s FE6 sprite through an AI art generator (NovelAI) to see what may come as a result:

For the most part, it did okay (yikes for that hand in #2). So this got me curious: What would others from the FE GBA games look like?

So I decided to go through the playable cast of FE7 and produce the following image by putting the character portrait sprites through the program and tinkering with various settings until I got a result I was either satisfied with or completely gave up on.

Take a look!

Please note: This is all from NovelAI. I did not draw any of these pictures. They are all AI generated based on the original portrait sprites.

A major problem was consistency in art style. But I did what I could as it was mostly for curiosity anyway.

It also ended up taking 4 hours and a bit of money for the AI generation power to get these up. But I think worth it to kind of give FE fans a taste of what it might be like if there were ever to be some kind of remake someday?

The generator had the most trouble with Dorcas, Hawkeye, Canas (monocle especially), and Vaida. It would often try to make even some of the scruffier characters prettier than they typically would be (Bartre?)

Below are some creepy or silly generations I had to sift through when putting the above together. I’m posting them here for your amusement.

AI is certainly fascinating, but I don’t think human artists have any worries about being replaced for a long time…

This was more exhausting than I thought it would be. But I eventually want to go through FE6 and 8’s cast too… after I sleep a bit and refill the AI by paying a bit more.