SSB4: Famitsu Alternate Outfit Compilation (9/10)

This is not a translation, just a simple edit that compiles all of the alternate outfits presented by this week’s Famitsu.  It is unlikely I will translate all the pages that came out this week.




SSB4: Famitsu Scan Translations (9/3) (All)

This is a convenience post, with all the scans for this week (9/3)’s batch translated. The original scans are not on this page, but can be found on each of the below’s individual pages (look under the “Smash Brothers” category on the right of the main page!)

I assume that next week will be the last batch (as the game comes out next Saturday in Japan), and maybe one more week after that as a follow up.

page173translate page174translate page175translate page176translated page177translated page178translate page179translate

SSB4: Character Summary Famitsu Scan Translation (9/3) (2/2)

Today’s Famitsu had some info on Shulk among some other pages with misc information. This is a page that summarizes all the characters thus far. There is nothing new. The first page is already up.

First is my edit/translation, second is the original scan. This scan comes from Nintendoeverything.



Super Smash Bros. Famitsu Scans (All)

This is a quick post to put all four of the Robin/Lucina/Captain Falcon reveal Famitsu Scans in one convenient place. The original scans are not shown in this post. To see those please go to each individual page on this website!

I translated and digitally edited them myself. Some were poor quality and hard to read some kanji, but it mostly makes sense. I hope you find some use for them!

The original scans were provided by


Page63Translate Page64Translate Page65Translate

Super Smash Bros. Famitsu Scan Translation (4/4) provided some Super Smash Bros. scans for Wii U and 3DS featuring the newly announced Fire Emblem characters and the return of Captain Falcon. I translated this one a little slower as I assumed it was lower priority for others.

Robin’s first page can be found here, and second page here.

Lucina’s page can be found here.

The first is my edit (full view for best readability), and second is the original Japanese page.

My Edit/Translation:


Original Image:


And that’s all the Famitsu Smash Bros scans done!