Smash Bros. Byleth’s Reveal Trailer: Did the joke in the female Byleth reveal part change from the JP version?

Byleth recently joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the latest DLC fighter. They had a reveal trailer in the style of Three Houses‘s cutscenes, featuring Sothis.

Multiple readers have reached out to me regarding said reveal trailer, often asking about one joke in it. An example question from one reader:

I saw comments on youtube and gamefaqs talking about that part where male Byleth comes back in the english trailer being different than japanese, or that a joke was removed or something. But I can’t find anyone clearly providing a source. Can you look into what the joke was that changed?

They provided some links to people discussing it, such as to a thread on gamefaqs. I could not find anyone clearly talking about the joke itself beyond hearsay, either, so decided to make this post to service as possible reference in case it is discussed in the future.

The short answer: Yes the joke plays out slightly differently in Japanese! But they both retain similarities in their double meanings and intent as well. I don’t think the joke was changed or removed entirely as one may say, but it was indeed slightly altered.

Let’s take a deeper look!

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“Actually, I’m the Chao doctor” What? – Sonic Adventure 2 [JPN vs ENG]


When I was playing Sonic Adventure 2 again recently, something seemed really strange to me. When you visit the Chao Kindergarten in Chao World, there are several rooms you can go to, one of which is the Principal’s Office. Here, the principal offers you tips on how to raise your Chao.

But… the dialogue is just awkward. He says this in the exact order when you visit him:

Welcome to the kindergarten.
I’m the kindergarten principal.

Learn tips to raise your Chao from Professor Chao.

<Chao doctor will give you tips>

Actually, I’m the Chao doctor.
What would you like to do?

So… is he the Chao Principal, Professor, or Doctor? This is made even more awkward by the fact the Chao [medical] doctor is right next door in the infirmary. Is he saying that he is in fact, the doctor from next door here as the principal? Or that he plays both roles? Or is he a principal who happens to be a professor of all things Chao related and a doctor? Or a professor with a doctoral in Chao that happens to be the principal?

What a mess!

I looked around the net and saw nobody really thought much of it (I mean it’s all sorts of trivial), though Chao Island makes a remark on their Chao principal page:

The Chao Principal will tell you the basics about Chao and give you basic tips on how to raise them. He knows quite a lot, but will not uncover everything to know about Chao!

When you go to see him, he says “Actually, I’m the Chao doctor.”. I’m not sure why this is…

So, to answer your and my own question, Chao Island, I looked into it! I had a feeling I knew what went wrong even without looking at the original dialogue –and I was right! So take a look below to see where they went wrong:

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