FE8 “Choose Your Legends” Poll Results Analysis

Nintendo conducted a poll for Fire Emblem Heroes urging fans to pick a favorite character of theirs that they would love to see featured. Each fan could vote once a day for 13 days for almost any character from any of the main Fire Emblem series of games.

This is part of a miniseries I am doing on analyzing the vast amount of poll data available to us and what it means for the fandom and their favorites regarding characters.

Thanks to the tireless work of Elieson over on serenesforest.net, we can take a look at the break downs by game!

Today we will focus on FE8 (The Sacred Stones), which takes place on the continent of Magvel.

There are some general things to keep in mind before we get started, however.

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Fire Emblem 64: Rare Dialogue Document Translation + Analysis


From the Making of Fire Emblem: 25 Years of Development Secrets book comes a script from the canceled Fire Emblem 64. It is the only dialogue example provided for the game. For some more trivia about this game, I made a post about some design documents from it here.

I translated it in full since it contains some interesting tidbits for FE fans, such as the names Eliwood and Ephraim just to name a few! Also, it reveals who the two characters in the only screenshot released for the game are.

You can find much more from this book on the compilation post here.


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