FE7 Blazing Blade Localization: Barte and Karla’s Ending [JPN vs ENG]

This post is part of a series on reader requested (and personal curiosity) comparisons between Fire Emblem games’ Japanese and English scripts.

Today’s post concerns a reader request and personal curiosity regarding Barte and Karla’s A support ending in Blazing Blade (seen above). Thanks to some vague wording, it caused a bit of confusion as to the character Bartre’s fate.

So let’s take a look!

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FE10: Radiant Dawn Localization: Talrega’s Fate in Japanese? [JPN vs ENG]

This post is part of a series on reader requested (and personal curiosity) comparisons between various games’ Japanese and English scripts.

I received this question:

When it is mentioned in the epilogue that Micaiah ceded Talrega to Jill, does it mean full independence or autonomy? As far as I know, to cede means complete independence but maybe the Japanese script is more clear.

Sounds fun to look into! So let’s take a look:

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FE7 Blazing Blade: Did Guy become THE Sword Saint? Or LIKE the Sword Saint? [JPN/ENG]


Minor spoilers pertaining to two character endings in Fire Emblem 7 ahead!

Today’s post looks at a minor translation error that caused some confusion in the seventh Fire Emblem game, known to fans as Blazing Blade (or just Fire Emblem) in the west.

Minor translation errors (that cause big changes) are nothing new to Blazing Sword, as I cover regarding a small translation error that causes a bigger change at the end of the game here.

A young swordsman known as Guy has an epilogue that is a little confusing in the official localization of the game. Namely, for fans who played FE6 (Binding Blade, chronologically a sequel to this game), who know that the swordmaster Karel goes on to be known as the “Sword Saint.”

So did Guy become the Sword Saint? Or did Karel? Or did they both?

Let’s see!

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Fire Emblem Fates Localization: Izana Death Quote & Epilogue Change (Major)


This post is part of a series of Fire Emblem Fates localization comparison posts! I discuss anything from major to minor changes here as I play through the game. Today, I take a look at a death quote and epilogue change, this one in particular being Izana (recruitable as a bonus character in certain paths).

Consider this a follow up to my previous post about his changes…

Please note that this post is purely informative and may share some opinion, but this does not mean the change is necessarily good or bad. A change is just a change that is being looked into, and you can be the judge of whether you like it or not!

It is all just for fun and curiosity for me. : )

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