Daily Posts Resume & New Lilina Banner (Summer 2017)

This is just to post showing off a new banner for the website, and to announce continued posting through the summertime thanks to vacation (and hence more freetime)! Though it is mostly for twitter, I thought it would be fun to put around on this site too. I was happy with how the drawing came out! Lilina is a great mascot, I think.

Of course, I do not claim any ownership over her character! So please consider this fan art. : )

Daily posts should continue up until the end of August hopefully! A big thank you to anyone who is still around and looking forward to translation work!


FE7 Blazing Blade: Did Guy become THE Sword Saint? Or LIKE the Sword Saint? [JPN/ENG]


Minor spoilers pertaining to two character endings in Fire Emblem 7 ahead!

Today’s post looks at a minor translation error that caused some confusion in the seventh Fire Emblem game, known to fans as Blazing Blade (or just Fire Emblem) in the west.

Minor translation errors (that cause big changes) are nothing new to Blazing Sword, as I cover regarding a small translation error that causes a bigger change at the end of the game here.

A young swordsman known as Guy has an epilogue that is a little confusing in the official localization of the game. Namely, for fans who played FE6 (Binding Blade, chronologically a sequel to this game), who know that the swordmaster Karel goes on to be known as the “Sword Saint.”

So did Guy become the Sword Saint? Or did Karel? Or did they both?

Let’s see!

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Shouzou Kaga Blog Post (6/11) Translation

Today I translated Fire Emblem series creator Shouzou Kaga’s blog post on his upcoming game Vestaria Saga. It stands out as a game being made on an SRPG Maker rather than a professional studio.

This message was mainly translated for serenesforest.net (who made a post on it here) and is on this blog for the record, too, as it addresses fans who wanted to assist in possible translations! (How wonderful would that be?)

Please keep your expectations in check (laughs)

I’ve received a lot of e-mails from all over, filled with encouragement. Thank you very much. (A lot of them included flattery, haha.)

Though there is a lot of hope for this project, it is far from an industrial-level product.

It’s pretty much just a toy made on a simple game-making tool, and nothing more. Even if you play and like it, it will never be at that level, unfortunately.

I guess you could also say it’s like making cotton candy. If a professional craftsman was to make cotton candy, it’s still not exactly something notable to sell, right?

That’s all this is. Nothing of great importance. Please do not keep high expectations for this project!

Even though preparing the game (documents, assets, etc.) is a cooperative effort from many different people, making the game itself is a one-man effort (because the game-making tool literally prevents us from working together on it). It’s just me, punching in keys on the keyboard one-by-one. It’s why it’s taken so long! (laughs)

I’ve received several offers from abroad, saying things like “I want to help with a translation!” At the moment, with the way the game is currently written, I cannot accept such offers. I haven’t had time to even look over the text yet. Please understand that it would also mean making separate text characters, and that I am not allowed to mod or change [the tool] in any way.

For more information on Vestaria Saga, head over to serenesforest.net, or view the video below!

Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Book on sale today!


Fire Emblem’s 25th Anniversary book went on sale today in Japan. I bought it with money I  received from donations (thanks to all who donated!) and it should arrive on December 1st or 2nd. You can buy the book yourself here. Amazon Japan offers relatively cheap international shipping, so check if it can be delivered to you if interested!

I hope to translate any parts I find interesting from the book itself. If you have requests I may take those up too!

Please feel free to donate for that coming project! It will really help me out!

For those who want to know what the amazon description says, see below where I provide the same translation I made on an older post on the matter.

UPDATE: More reviews are in, some not as positive as others, so I gave a few more to give a spectrum of opinions. Please remember these are just reviews to give you an idea of what it’s like. I may provide my own review later.

5/5 (4 of 24 found helpful)

“A Must-Have for Series’ Fans:

Full of design documents and interviews, the largest amount that have been published to date. The large amount of information on the production cycle and inside story behind the games makes this an essential part of any fan’s collection.”

2/5 (of which 5 of 5 found helpful):

“A book for those who like Awakening and Fates, but not so much for the full 25 years”

Summary: “The book seems to focus on the two more recent installments over the rest of the series, so was a bit of a let down”

3/5 (of which 15 of 18 found helpful):

“A little disappointed”

Summary: A worthwhile read, but one may be let down by what the cover advertises versus what they actually get. Some good things are interviews with the development staff (such as the director), and other interesting tidbits such as info on map design and music composition.

However, 70-80% is Awakening and Fates information, leaving long-time series’ fans a little iffy. Also it lacks in illustrations, and the unused assets mostly pertain to Awakening and Fates as expected.

Would have preferred to see more of the other series’ works and information regarding them.”

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Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Book on sale Nov. 28th. Info from amazon.jp translated!

Fire Emblem is getting a 25th Annivesary book which will go on sale on November 28th this year. I plan to import it on money I have received from donations (thanks to all who donated!) and hopefully translate any fun things that may come in there. The book itself can be pre-ordered here. Amazon Japan offers relatively cheap international shipping, so check if it can be delivered to you if interested!

Please feel free to donate for that coming project! It will really help me out!

For now, however, I translated Amazon.co.jp’s description on it, which can be seen in both text and image below!

The Making of Fire Emblem – 25th Anniversary Development Secrets, Awakening and Fates – Special Book

Release: November 28, 2015
Price: 3,888 Yen (~32 USD) [Import may add 10 USD on average]


-Filled with developers discussing the path the series has taken and its evolution
-Approx. 300,000 characters of interviews
-100+ never before seen development materials from the beginning
-The ultimate book for understanding Awakening, Fates [if], and 25 years of series history


Since the 1990 release of Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light, this year marks the monumental 25th anniversary of the Simulation RPG Fire Emblem.

This book mainly comprises of developer commentary from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems regarding development of the games, but has development documents and retrospectives on Awakening, Fates [if], and 25 years of Fire Emblem history as well in commemoration.



Dengeki Scan on Marriage in Fire Emblem Fates Translated [6/20]

I decided to translate the single page on supports and marriage just to clear up confusion as a lot of misinformation has been spreading around since it was leaked a few days ago. I did not originally plan on doing this… and I am sorry if it is considered a spoiler to some people where to confirm or deny it. I put it past the read more tag for your convenience.

It is just a single page. Head past the break.

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FE: 0 (Cipher) Marth Card Translated

This image is a proof of concept to how a Fire Emblem: 0 (Cipher) card may look in English. Low quality cannot be helped as it is the best image I had to work with. Below is my translation/edit, and the original Japanese card is below it.



Notes: S = Support A = Activation

Japanese card:


Fire Emblem: IF Famitsu Developer Interview [FULL] [5/25/2015]


Today Famitsu’s website posted the full version of the interview I translated previously. with three developers behind Fire Emblem: IF. Here it is translated below. The new sections are marked *NEW*. The rest of the sections are from the previous translation.

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Fire Emblem: Cipher Dengeki TCG Information Translated [1/2]

As part of the Dengeki scans that were provided to me, I translated the character profiles here. I decided to take a look at the TCG and how it works, so translated the entire explanation. There is still another page to do, which will hopefully be up tomorrow.


Fire Emblem: IF Dengeki Character Profiles [ALL] [5/21/15]

A reader kindly pointed me to FE: IF Dengeki scans from here. I translated the character profiles as the gameplay info is likely similar to the Famitsu ones, which I translated in full here.

I intend to translate the information on the TCG soon.

This was all done on my free time, and so took a little while. It was certainly a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : )

 CharacterPage1JCharacterPage2J CharacterPage3J


-I made Character Page 1 by moving the Protagonist next to Aqua, they were originally on two separate pages.

-I referred to the Protagonist as a “he” but really can be either gender. I just used it as a neutral umbrella term!

-I erased the voice actor information. It made it look cleaner, as they are hard to read and can easily be mistaken.