Happy Valentine’s Day! (2016) Japanese Culture Trivia + Misc Thoughts

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Taking a break from posting a translation today, with the shallow excuse of Valentine’s Day… either way a little busier today so here’s a post that isn’t really about anything in particular.

Did you know that in Japan, only girls give boys chocolate on Valentine’s Day rather than both giving to each other? There are many different types of chocolate, from “obligatory chocolate” [義理チョコ] (such as to a boss, colleague, etc), and “genuine chocolate” [本命チョコ] (given to those specifically intended, be they close friends, lovers, etc). A month later, on March 14th, the boys then have to pay them back, on a day known as “White Day.” The best part? They are expected to give back something that is “three times as valuable” [三倍返し] (as the usual saying goes, it does not literally have to be, but basically means not a simple mirror gift return). Now isn’t that just fun? Look up White Day on the net, you’ll run into some fun stuff on the matter!

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