Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Mifa & Riibar Mini-Profile Translations [02/01/17]

I translated mini profiles two characters in Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the latest (02/01/17) Famitsu. I put them on the pages too for your convenience. Thanks JapaneseNintendo for the scans!

See notes for additional comments.

famitsumifa famitsuriifa


  • Names. If you study or speak Japanese, you will know that they can go many ways. Mifa and Riibar (as well as Darkher) are just placeholders I put as I do not know what their official romanizations are, if any (a byproduct of avoiding most info for this game). Please know I do not consider these official in any capacity. ミファー, リーバル , and ダルケル (Lit: Mifaa, Riibaru, Darukeru). I just wrote Mifa, Riibar, and Darkher, though only have confidence in the first. Riibar could also be Rivaar, River, etc just as Darkher can be another in the “Daru” series of Gorons, etc. Again, these are just quick names for ease and convenience.
  • Ironic as it is, I am actually avoiding most info on this game to keep the surprise. These two characters I had a vague interest in but do not wish to discuss beyond what their profiles say here! Thanks for understanding!

Hyrule Warriors: Famitsu Scan Translations 7/23 (4)

Nintendoeverything.com uploaded some scans of new characters in Hyrule Warriors today, so I decided to translate and edit into the image what I could!

This is the fourth of several pages. More to come!

First page can be found here!

Second page can be found here!

Third page can be found here!

Fifth page can be found here!

Sixth can be found here!

Seventh page can be found here!

Eighth page can be found here!

All pages (together) can be found here!

The translated/edited page is first, followed by the original scan.



Note: I didn’t want to remove the Nintendo Everything watermark, and take no credit for these scans! I could not translate the bottom right there, due to being unable to read the full thing, however.

More to come!