Pokemon: Famitsu Scan Translations (9/17) (All)

This is a convenience post. The magazine had more pages than these ones, but these are the few I chose to translate. The original scans can be viewed on their respective pages.

page236translate page237translate page238translate


Pokemon 6/18 Famichudan Translations (All)

I made this post today for convenience. All three of my edits to all three of the pages can be seen here. To see the originals as well as the transcripts, please follow the links below!

Thank you Nintendoeverything.com for the scans!


Page 1 Transcripts: Here.


Page 2 Transcripts: Here.PokemonORAS144Translate

Page 3 Transcripts: Here.

Back to Fire Emblem as of tomorrow!

Pokemon 6/18 Famichudan Scan Translations (1)

UPDATE: Page 2 is here!

UPDATE: Page 3 is here!

Today nintendoeverything.com uploaded some scans regarding Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I decided to take a break from the usual Fire Emblem to translate these few pages. Today I translated the first of them (142). I even edited the page itself best I could! I hope you find it useful.

The original Japanese scan and transcripts I wrote up will be below! Apologies for some messy cleaning –as some parts just cannot be helped!

My Edit:


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