FE7 Blazing Blade Localization: Did Guy elope with Priscilla in the JP version? [JPN vs ENG]

This post is part of a series on reader requested (and personal curiosity) comparisons between Fire Emblem games’ Japanese and English scripts.

Today’s post concerns a reader question via twitter regarding Guy and Priscilla’s A support ending in Blazing Blade:

Short answer: Yes, it appears Guy did indeed elope with Priscilla in Japanese!

I had been unaware of this, but it was mentioned on Priscilla’s Fire Emblem wiki page under trivia, though with no source. So while this information may already be known to some, I write this mostly for posterity for those interested in taking a deeper look or wondering about its validity and wanting the original Japanese.

So let’s take a closer look!

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FE7 Blazing Blade: Did Guy become THE Sword Saint? Or LIKE the Sword Saint? [JPN/ENG]


Minor spoilers pertaining to two character endings in Fire Emblem 7 ahead!

Today’s post looks at a minor translation error that caused some confusion in the seventh Fire Emblem game, known to fans as Blazing Blade (or just Fire Emblem) in the west.

Minor translation errors (that cause big changes) are nothing new to Blazing Sword, as I cover regarding a small translation error that causes a bigger change at the end of the game here.

A young swordsman known as Guy has an epilogue that is a little confusing in the official localization of the game. Namely, for fans who played FE6 (Binding Blade, chronologically a sequel to this game), who know that the swordmaster Karel goes on to be known as the “Sword Saint.”

So did Guy become the Sword Saint? Or did Karel? Or did they both?

Let’s see!

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Fire Emblem 6/7: Artbook Translations (All)

UPDATE: Now you can download them all as one RAR file here.


Please note, as one of my older translations, this book is very literally translated. Someday I hope to give it a more professional run through.

I am considering acquiring another copy of this book to unbind and scan in high quality as well as iron out the translations. If interested in funding this project, please donate above and add a note!

Original Post:

This is every single profile from Fire Emblem 6 (Sword of Seals) and Fire Emblem 7 (Blazing Sword) translated on this website and put in one place!

I used the names that were on the pages, even if they had official localized names in FE7 for FE6, with a few exceptions. However, from FE7 onward I used the officially localized names.

56 K Warning for a lot of images ahead! All of the scans for FE6 are from serenesforest.net. Some of the FE7 ones are too, but I scanned the ones they were missing. All were edited/translated by me. Their original Japanese transcripts are found on their original pages.

These are in order. Enjoy this milestone!

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Fire Emblem 7: Artbook Translations (All)


Yet another milestone! This is every single profile from Fire Emblem 7 (Blazing Sword) translated on this website. I did some out of order before, so their format is slightly different. But this is every single character in the FE7 Character Book. It is only actually the second half of book, the previous half was done on this site earlier.

I used the localized names best I could.

56 K Warning for a lot of images ahead! Some of these scans were provided by serenesforest.net, but I scanned most of them myself.  Their original transcripts are found on their original pages.

These are in order. Enjoy this milestone!

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Fire Emblem 7: Guy Artbook Translation

Today I translated and edited Guy (Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword)’s art book page (102). Japanese and English transcripts can be found below the picture! As well as the original image.

085GuyTranslateKeep reading for the transcripts!

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