Pokémon – “Here Comes the PIKARAP Yo!” Lyrics Translation [Literal]

Earlier, the Pokémon Company posted a new song featuring Pikachu! (See above). It seems to be a spiritual sequel of sorts to Mimikyu’s song (which I also translated here).

The Japanese title is: “PIKARAPがはじまるYO” (Lit: “Pikarap is beginning yo!”) I translated it to “Here Comes the PIKARAP Yo!”

Like before, I translated the lyrics (literally) below. It is meant to be a rap, so I eventually really want to work on a version that works rhythmically too, and that keeps a rhyme as well as some puns. But as that will take a bit longer, I give the literal translation for those curious and want it faster. If you want to take a tackle at making it fit the rhythm and rhyme, please feel free!

The original Japanese lyrics can be found in the vid itself, but I re-wrote them below (both in kana and romaji for your convenience).

I assume there will be an official English translation that comes out… but that remains to be seen.

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