FE Heroes: “A Day in the Life of the Heroes” (Page 32) Translation

A translation of Page 32 of the official Fire Emblem Heroes comic. See all the chapters thus far on the compilation post here!


Page 32 (6/26) “True Form”

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FE Heroes: Loki’s Gender Pronouns in Japanese? [JPN vs ENG]

Today is a quick post about the character Loki in Fire Emblem Heroes.

A reader sent me the following via email:

…yesterday Fire Emblem Heroes got a big information update, in that update they showed off Loki, a so far minor character in the story of FEH, in their, presumably, true form:

<Link to image>

Now since the mythological Loki was known to shapeshift into different genders some players are wondering if this is really Loki’s true form and if the FEH Loki is female unlike his mythological counterpart.

They very helpfully provided a sample video of the Japanese dialogue (also seen below) where they refer to themselves in the first person a lot. Japanese does have gendered (or, at least gender inflecting) first person pronouns which may provide a hint, so I took a look to see what Loki uses!

Please note this post was written as of November 16th, before any revelations of Loki’s true form and the like.

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FE Heroes: Loki Design Sheet Translations

Some concept art emerged of what may be Loki (Fire Emblem Heroes)’s true form. I decided to quickly translate them as today’s post for those curious.

Feel free to share, but try to link back if possible. : )


Original Japanese sheets can be found on the FE Wiki page.

I think these sheets help answer the question posed on the previous post about Loki!

(This post was written Nov 16th, but may show 5th as it’s to fill for that day’s post)