Super Mario Odyssey: “You just want to yank it, don’t you?” and “There’s even a deep end.” [JPN vs ENG]

Today’s post is a short one and a reader request:

“…I dunno something about this line just seemed localization-only to me lol <attached picture> What was it in Japanese?”

The picture is above, and is from the Lake Kingdom brochure. There was another line this reader was curious about too, which I will address in this same post as its short:

“…and there’s this other line that says like “there’s even a deep end” that also felt localization-only. <attached picture> Can you look into it too if you have time? Thx!”

That second one gives me a chuckle. I felt it may be interesting to look into, so let’s see!

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Super Mario Odyssey: “Fuggedaboutit!” [JPN vs ENG]

Today’s post is a small one, and covers a reader request from user @LunaPlatinum1 on twitter:

“I wonder what stuff like “Fuggedaboutit” would be in Japanese <attached with above image>

I finally made it to the Metro Kingdom earlier, and looked into what he said. So let’s take a look!

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