How does Mawile spot the imposter in Chapter 18? – Pok√©mon Super Mystery Dungeon [JP vs ENG]


Warning: Slight plot spoilers up to the end of Chapter 18 may follow.

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Pokemon Card: Mawile

Today’s Pokemon is Mawile. More information on the Pokemon can be found here.

The original Japanese card is first/on top. My edit/translation is second/bottom.

mawiel37 mawiel37

-The official Localization named the second move (Circle Head) to “Big Ol’Bite” to reference what the move does rather than what it refers to. The “Circle Head” refers to the circle on the scary head attached to the Mawile (which has the yellow circle) –implying the bite. This would be hard to explain on the card itself given the room, so their decision was more friendly to younger audiences.