Pokemon: Mega Evolutions Famitsu Scan (9/17) (2)

This week’s Famitsu had some scans for Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, showing some new Mega Evolutions. Here is page 2 of 2 translated.

As usual first is my scan/edit/translation followed by original scan.

page237translate page237


Pokemon 6/18 Famichudan Translations (All)

I made this post today for convenience. All three of my edits to all three of the pages can be seen here. To see the originals as well as the transcripts, please follow the links below!

Thank you Nintendoeverything.com for the scans!


Page 1 Transcripts: Here.


Page 2 Transcripts: Here.PokemonORAS144Translate

Page 3 Transcripts: Here.

Back to Fire Emblem as of tomorrow!