FE Heroes: Does Dorcas acknowledge the mutton meme in Japanese? [JPN vs ENG]

Fire Emblem Heroes featured an update that includes new characters such as Dorcas, Lute, and Mia. You may recall Dorcas being the most surprising of these three to place high on the Fire Emblem Heroes popularity poll (Choose Your Legends) that took place some months ago.

It had been attributed to a particular meme involving a US commercial for the game he appears in, Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade on Game Boy Advance (and seventh installment in the series, first to come to the US).

Fans noticed very quickly that he in fact references this commercial directly (twice!) in his English dialogue in Fire Emblem Heroes, and I received multiple requests to look into what he says in Japanese instead.

So let’s take a look!

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Pokemon: Sun & Moon: “7.8/10 Too much water.” [JPN vs ENG]

Part of a series on game comparisons! Last time, we looked at a reference to the “over 9000” meme in Pokemon X&Y.

Today’s post is also a small one, and covers a reader request:

“There was a lot of buzz over how Sun & Moon references the infamous ‘IGN 7.8 too much water’ review, but I haven’t seen anything about what that was in Japanese. Look into it?”

The infamous “too much water” review in question was from IGN’s review of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. KnowYourMeme has a page on it with more details (image below is from them):

So let’s take a look at what the original was!

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Pokemon: X/Y “Over 9000!” [JPN vs ENG]

Part of a series on game comparisons! Last time, I looked at a (possible) reference to Navi’s “Hey! Listen!” line in ns! Pokemon X&Y.

Today’s post is also a small one, and covers a reader request:

“A psychic on route 10 says ‘power levels’ and ‘over 9000’ clearly as reference to the Dragonball meme. Was it a reference to that in Japanese as well?”

The reference in question is to the “it’s over 9000!” meme from Dragonball Z, the original clip seen below.

So let’s take a look at the original!

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FE Fates: Did Corrin reference a meme on the final chapter of Revelation? [JPN vs ENG]


It’s been a while since I did a comparison on Fire Emblem Fates, but this was one thing I was curious about that I got to check today.

Spoiler Warning: The scene in particular is from the final chapter of Revelation. It does not give too much away, nor do I go out of my way too. However, some things in the dialogue may give some minor elements away, so please proceed at your own risk. (I even blurred out the above image).

Please note that this post is purely informative and may share some opinion, but this does not mean the change is necessarily good or bad. A change is just a change that is being looked into, and you can be the judge of whether you like it or not!

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Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes NoA VS NoE Localization (1)

There has been a lot of buzz about Tri-Force Hereos’ localization in North America versus that in Europe. A notable example was a meme included in the NoA version that was non existent in the Japanese and NoE versions. This split people down whether it is wise to include a meme into a game and risk losing the “timeless” factor. You can read a great article on Legends of Localization about that.

For me, I’m just looking at other smaller things that still stand out in odd ways. One of my friends is playing through the NoE localized version, and did me a favor and found the same part of the game in NoA. Look at the differences:


“Isn’t it adorbs?” Yikes. I never knew Link talked like that. Imagine it with voice acting! But besides that, look at the length of dialogue there versus the other. NoE has shown to be more accurate to the Japanese, while NoA seems to be taking a more liberal approach. This is not always a problem, of course, as sometimes localization can add a charm that the original text may not really convey, but it can be a double edged sword.

However, I see people that are okay with the localization of NoA, and some even enjoy it more so. in fact, some go as far as saying a literal translation is never what localization is supposed to be –which I agree with, except that is not a literal translation NoE does (yet people are claiming it does and is so “boring” as a result). The point is a literal translation would, literally, be a mess. However, what NoE does is convey the original idea in a way that sounds like proper English to the player. A literal translation would be, “Is it not great?” for instance (I would have to see the original to give a more accurate instance), to which they corrected appropriately (it’s great, isn’t it?), where as NoA takes a step farther, going “Isn’t it adorbs?” Which, while a similar meaning, starts to deviate in word usage (adorbs vs great is a pretty different idea).

Localization is to bring the idea more than the literal meaning over, yes, but “adorbs” to what else could have been used is a little iffy when thinking of the image one is trying to convey to their audience, you know? It is like how Lucina’s victory lines in Super Smash Bros. 4  have a similar meaning to the Japanese, but the nuances in the way she says them and the exact word choice changes her personality/image to the audience completely.

This post is not an attack on either team, really. But it is a post that displays some differences and the resulting nuances that can change impressions between the two localizations. I doubt many even read this deeply into it (nor should they) and should just enjoy the games for what they are. But for those curious about this sort of thing (or those planning a career in such things as translation and localization), it may be something to take into consideration when translating your own material. Take a more liberal or literal approach? Just remember: literal does not mean conveying the same idea in proper English. Literal would be, well, literally writing what it means.

Lastly, on a more minor note, it seems NoA’s dialogue went for a more wordy approach compared to NoE’s more concise approach. Which do you prefer?

Anyway, just a small post on it. There may be more in the future if my friend runs into anymore as she plays!