FE7 Localization: Was Hector and Eliwood’s A Support Mistranslated? Who cut their hand? [JPN vs ENG]

Today’s post comes from a thread on reddit which concerns Hector and Eliwood’s A support conversation. u/Dragoryu3000 posed a question:

Hold up, is Eliwood and Hector’s A-Support majorly mistranslated?

They pinged me in a thread and I looked into it. The issue revolves primarily around Erik Laus and vague wording in the translation being potentially misleading as to what occurred. You can read their thoughts and the rest of the thread in-depth on the thread before reading this post if you want to get a better idea of the issue, but I’ll try my best to explain it as we go along, too.

So let’s take a look!

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Translation Error – The Art of Fire Emblem: Awakening

A friend pointed out an error in the newly released Art of Fire Emblem Awakening.

He was curious whether or not this was an error in the original text, or a translation error. So I took a quick look:

Official translation:

“The three countries of Ylisse, Regna Ferox, and Plegia make up the continent of Valm, known as Archanea in previous Fire Emblem games and Valentia in Fire Emblem Gaiden.”

FE fans can already spot the multitude of errors above with simple searching.

The original Japanese text (with my translation):


Also, the three countries of Ylisse, Regna Ferox, and Plegia make up the continent that was known as “Archanea” in previous series entries. The continent of Valm meanwhile resembles the continent of “Valentia” which appeared in Fire Emblem: Gaiden.*

*-Used localize names to keep it simple.

This seems more in line with the lore we know of too. It seems it was just a translation error and not one that was in the original text of the book.

What likely happened was they read the descriptor above as talking about the same continent, rather than the small comma separating them talking about two different continents. Quite literally, it reads like:

Also, Ylisse, Regna Ferox, and Plegia are three countires that exist on the continent that was in previous games known as Archanea, Valm appeared to resemble Valentia from Fire Emblem Gaiden.

Seeing the above makes it a bit easier to see how it happened (talking about previous games, then the mention of Gaiden). The translator perhaps did not have key context clues from the games either, having never played them/being unfamiliar with them.

That is all speculation however. Lastly is a summary info-graphic for use if needed to share this post in simplicity.

If you spot any more potential errors, please let me know and I will look into them!


FE7 Blazing Blade: Did Guy become THE Sword Saint? Or LIKE the Sword Saint? [JPN/ENG]


Minor spoilers pertaining to two character endings in Fire Emblem 7 ahead!

Today’s post looks at a minor translation error that caused some confusion in the seventh Fire Emblem game, known to fans as Blazing Blade (or just Fire Emblem) in the west.

Minor translation errors (that cause big changes) are nothing new to Blazing Sword, as I cover regarding a small translation error that causes a bigger change at the end of the game here.

A young swordsman known as Guy has an epilogue that is a little confusing in the official localization of the game. Namely, for fans who played FE6 (Binding Blade, chronologically a sequel to this game), who know that the swordmaster Karel goes on to be known as the “Sword Saint.”

So did Guy become the Sword Saint? Or did Karel? Or did they both?

Let’s see!

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