Pokemon: X/Y “Hey! Listen!” [JPN vs ENG]

Not my screenshot. Source.

Part of a series on game comparisons! Last time, I looked at how localization changed a character’s circumstances rather significantly in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

Today’s post is a small one, and covers a reader request:

“In Pokemon X/Y, there’s a girl who says Navi’s infamous “Hey! Listen!” Was it referenced in Japanese as well?”

I don’t actually remember that specific line from the game. For those who aren’t aware, Navi is a character from Ocarina of Time known for the above line.

Either way, let’s take a look!

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Hyrule Warriors: Famitsu Scan Translations 7/23 (4)

Nintendoeverything.com uploaded some scans of new characters in Hyrule Warriors today, so I decided to translate and edit into the image what I could!

This is the fourth of several pages. More to come!

First page can be found here!

Second page can be found here!

Third page can be found here!

Fifth page can be found here!

Sixth can be found here!

Seventh page can be found here!

Eighth page can be found here!

All pages (together) can be found here!

The translated/edited page is first, followed by the original scan.



Note: I didn’t want to remove the Nintendo Everything watermark, and take no credit for these scans! I could not translate the bottom right there, due to being unable to read the full thing, however.

More to come!