SSB4: Famitsu Sakurai Interview Translation (On Clones) (10/8)


Here is a tidbit translated from Sakurai’s weekly column in Famitsu. Specifically, a question regarding characters with alternate models, or “clones.” Original transcript below my translation. (I helped with their translation, in case anyone wonders about possible overlap).

-How were Fighters with alternate models decided? [Clones]

There are 3 clone characters. At the start [of development] we made them alts but during development they started to develop their own individual traits related to balancing, so we ended up making them separate characters in order to separate their records. However, it was imperative that they did not take too many man-hours from the work itself. As they did not have to be created from scratch, they were balanced simply by altering [the original] slightly.

Lucina and Marth have different sword properties. Dark Pit and Pit are the same, but to give Dark Pit his unique arm and final smash, we had to make him a separate character. I thought old Dr. Mario fans would not agree to Dr. Mario being the same as Mario, so went on to give him a unique customizable set.

For example, this is like a free dessert after a luxurious meal that was prepared free of charge. In a restaurant with this type of service, I don’t think there’s anybody who would say, “Change this to a meat dish!!”

Yet, I’m told [to do that] about “Smash Bros.” But, I guess since a lot of them are children that do not fully understand, it cannot be helped.

Could you please leave it to me to select [characters] with man-hours and costs in mind? However you look at it, the game is a great bargain buy as a result.








SSB4: Famitsu Alternate Outfit Compilation (9/10)

This is not a translation, just a simple edit that compiles all of the alternate outfits presented by this week’s Famitsu.  It is unlikely I will translate all the pages that came out this week.



SSB4: Famitsu Scan Translations (9/3) (All)

This is a convenience post, with all the scans for this week (9/3)’s batch translated. The original scans are not on this page, but can be found on each of the below’s individual pages (look under the “Smash Brothers” category on the right of the main page!)

I assume that next week will be the last batch (as the game comes out next Saturday in Japan), and maybe one more week after that as a follow up.

page173translate page174translate page175translate page176translated page177translated page178translate page179translate

SSB4: Character Summary Famitsu Scan Translation (9/3) (1/2)

Today’s Famitsu had some info on Shulk among some other pages with misc information. This is a page that summarizes all the characters thus far. There is nothing new. Second page will be up later.

First is my edit/translation, second is the original scan. This scan comes from Nintendoeverything.

page176translated page176

SSB4: Shulk Cover Famitsu Scan Translation (9/3)

Today’s Famitsu had some info on Shulk among some other pages with misc information. This is just the cover page, not much to translate… but nice artwork anyway.

First is my edit/translation, second is the original scan.

page173translate page173

SSB4: Famitsu Scan Translations (8/6) (All)

This is a convenience post that has all four scans translated in one place. The original raw scans are not here, however, you will have to check the individual posts (click the “Smash Brothers” tag on the right side of home page) to view those!

The next translations/scans will come August 21st. Follow me on twitter for latest updates.

The original scans were courtesy of Kogath!

page282translate page283translate page284translate page285translate

Come back next Wednesday/Thursday for more!

SSB4: Pit Famitsu Scan Translation (8/6)

Apologies for the slight delay. Famitsu released some information on Palutena and Pit today (August 6th). This is the third of four pages total, and completes Pit’s section.  These scans are courtesy of Kogath (of the monster hunter wiki!)

Palutena’s First and Second pages.

The final page about single player mode is here.

Note: The translations are quite literal –move names may differ from the official localization.

As usual, first is my translation/edit of the page, and the original scan right after it.

page284translate page284

(Original posting is August 6th 2014. The date at the top may be different, see “About” for why!)