Pokemon: X/Y “My Body is Ready!” [JPN vs ENG]

Not my screenshot. Source.

This post is part of a series on reader requested (and personal curiosity) comparisons between various games’ Japanese and English versions. Last time I looked into one of Soleil’s lines from Fire Emblem: Fates.

Today’s post is a small one, and covers a reader request:

“In Pokemon X/Y, there’s a guy who quotes that “my body is ready” meme. Just curious what it was in Japanese.”

I remember that guy too! So let’s take a look:

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Pokemon Card: Lysandre

Today is a simple Trainer Card, specifically the trainer Lysandre (フラダリ) from the XY Wild Blaze set. The original Japanese card is above/first, my edit/translation is below as usual.

More information on the card, as well as the card source,  can be found here.

LysandreWildBlaze77 LysandreWildBlaze77

-I used his officially localized name to minimize confusion.

Pokemon Card: Fletchinder

Today’s Pokemon is Fletchinder. More information on the Pokemon, as well as the source of the card, can be found here.

As usual, the original Japanese card is on top/first, my translation/edit is underneath/second.



-The second card has a slightly different fire template, likely due to scan quality of the first one.
-This time the weakness/resistance/HP numbers were reproduced by me rather than keeping them from the old card as I experiment with different methods of editing that look best.

Pokemon Card: Fletchling

Today’s Pokemon is Fletchling! From the Pokemon X/Y expansion, specifically Pokemon Y, card 52. As usual, the original Japanese card is on top, my translation/edit is on the bottom.

Source of the Japanese card and more information on it here.

YayakomaY52 FletchingY52

-This time I lined the first move’s name up with the officially localized equiavalent as the meaning is rather vague otherwise!