Valkyria Chronicles Remastered confirmed for NA/EU


I know a lot of Fire Emblem fans read this blog (and I am quite the big fan of Fire Emblem), so I wanted to make a brief post to spread awareness regarding Valkyria Chronicles Remastered. I feel like there is a crossover in the two fan bases, probably due to the SRPG nature among other things.

The game is an enhanced version of the original Valkyria Chronicles which came out in 2008 for the PS3. That’s not too long ago and it’s pretty easy to find for cheap on the PS3 even now. But considering it’s slated to be cheaper than a usual PS4 game and includes all the DLC, I highly recommend it to anyone who has not played it to try it out there. There’s even a limited edition if you pre-order. You can read more about the whole sales pitch and such on the official website.

It’s available on the PC, too, and has been since last year. It’s up for cheap on Steam, and often gets as cheap as 5 USD during sales.

It is a personal favorite of mine. See if it interests you, too! If you have any questions on the game and such, I don’t mind answering them for you. Even if I love the game a lot, I will not hesitate to present downsides to it too. It’s not my nature to sell what I like, but to try and convey things as they are (like with Fire Emblem games). : )


Valkyria: Azure Revolution Famitsu Info Translations 11/18 (1)

I decided to translate information from Famitsu’s feature on the newly announced Valkyria: Azure Revolution. The game is the latest in the Valkyria series of games. There is information about a PS4 remaster of the first game (originally on PS3), as well as an interview that I hope to translate and cover later.

Due to time constraints, I did not apply them to the original scans, but I still provide the scans themselves below!

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Latest Valkyria game announced! “Valkyria: Azure Revolution”

This is just a preview scan from Famitsu. Actual high res scans will be up tomorrow!

Famitsu has revealed the latest game in the Senjou no Valkyria (Valkyria Chronicles in the west), 蒼き革命のヴァルキュリア (Aoki Kakumei no Valkyria lit: “Valkyria of the Blue Revolution”).

Famitsu will release in about twelve hours for now digitally, where I hope to translate the latest information on the game here!

Along with that, Gematsu already has tidbits translated (from other Japanese sites such as Hachima) for those who are interested. A Valkyria Chronicles remaster (originally a PS3 game) will be coming to PS4 as well on February 10th in Japan, though no information in the west.