Fire Emblem Fates – Importer’s Source – Chapter Data [COMPLETE]


In addition to translating the menus and characters for Fire Emblem Fates importers who do not read Japanese, I’m also aiming to translate/list chapter data as I go through the game. Please point this out to anybody who may find it useful!

CURRENT AS OF 4/11/16. All of Revelation (Touma), Conquest (Nohr), and Birthright (Hoshido) complete, including Paralogues. All screen shots for every non Paralogue map added. Chapter summaries on each path can also be found on my blog, simply search for “*Path Name*” + “Summary” in the search box! Chapter names have English and Japanese titles. Characters all now have English / Japanese names.

High quality screenshots were provided to me by Maurice, who will be streaming the Nohr path. Please check out his youtube account here! Some of the first Hoshido maps were provided by another user named Linkmastr, who has also done a Youtube playthrough of the game. Their channel is here!

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