Pokémon: X/Y “Kiseki” Lyrics Comparisons (English/Japanese)


Yesterday’s post translated the song Kiseki  from Japanese to literal English. Today I wanted to post the translated Japanese version next to the officially localized English version. This is mostly trivia for people (and myself) who were wondering what the differences are.


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Pokémon: X/Y “Kiseki” Lyrics Translation


Today’s translation is Kiseki (きせき) [Miracle] the beautiful ending theme to Pokémon: X / Y. It has an official translation already (in several langauges!), but as usual I wanted to take a look at the literal translation. I hope to compare the literal to the localized version tomorrow to see the differences –if any!

The format:


Update: This is an older translation that I hope to go over once again to fix some errors or awkwardness that existed back then. Please keep this in mind.

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Pokemon Card: Fletchling

Today’s Pokemon is Fletchling! From the Pokemon X/Y expansion, specifically Pokemon Y, card 52. As usual, the original Japanese card is on top, my translation/edit is on the bottom.

Source of the Japanese card and more information on it here.

YayakomaY52 FletchingY52

-This time I lined the first move’s name up with the officially localized equiavalent as the meaning is rather vague otherwise!

Pokemon Card: Braixen

This is Braixen, from the Pokemon X/Y set, card 14 (in Japanese).

The original card is first (top), and my translated/edited card is below.

Source of Japanese Card: Dengekionline.com, via Bulbapedia.org. Information on this card can be found at Bulbapedia.

BraixenXY14 BraixenXY14

-I didn’t use the official English equivalents for the names this time. I stuck with a literal translation.
-“Retreat cost” I wrote simply as “retreat” as displayed on cards for simplicity.
-The watermark I did not edit out, but overwrote in some places. The sources are listed at the top of the page, however.

Pokemon Card: Fennekin

From the Japanese TCG set, X. Card number 13. Japanese is on top, and my edit/translation is on bottom.

Card source: Dengenkionline.com, via Bulbapedia. For more information on this card, please visit the Bulbapedia page.



-There is a watermark of the original source (Dengekinonline.com) that nothing can be done about without ruining the image completely. I have left it in tact where possible and did not make the effort to remove it. I have listed the source at the top of the page too.