Translation Samples

This page is to highlight the variety of translations I have done as a reference. Simply follow the links in the categories below to see a sample of how I go about translating various types of media.  Please note this is not an exhaustive list and that these are just a tiny fraction of the translations available on this site.

Artbook (Design Works, Character Books, etc)

Many of these can be found under the featured translation section found here.

Comparison (Japanese VS English versions of media, etc)

These refer to comparing things like a Japanese song’s lyrics versus how it was translated (officially) into English. Other things include things in Japanese games that may have been cut or changed for the English audience.

Below are just a few examples. A complete list of my articles (100+) can be found here.

Interviews (from magazines, websites, books, etc)

These are interviews from various sources that had been fully translated or summarized.

Magazine (Famitsu, Nintendo Dream, Dengeki, etc)

These are Japanese gaming magazines that I translated and typeset onto the pages. It is a show of both digital editing and translation skills. The majority are Famitsu pages. There are many more beyond the list below.

Manga (Yonkoma, Full Chapters, etc)

I specialize in Yonkoma (4 panel comics), but I have done full chapters too, as seen below. I handled cleaning, translating, and typesetting. More can be found in the featured translations section.

Song Lyrics (Japanese songs translated)

From popular songs to video game songs. Some are translated purposefully literally for simple meaning, and to compare to official translations. Songs are compared too, though under the “comparison” section to the left.

TCG (Trading Card Game) (Primarily Pokémon Cards)

In order to practice bringing Pokémon cards to the west, I took it upon myself to try my best and translate some cards (as well as provide digital edits the best I could within the limitations I had to work with) to make workable samples. These cards are not distributed or sold and are obviously edited as not to make them legitimate enough to infringe and cause any issues.

Website (Japanese websites translated to English)

These are screen shots and transcripts of web pages I translated into English.


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